Hi i wanted to ask an advice on textures creation tool

Hi i wanted to ask an advice on textures creation tool,what i do now is surf net for some free pics ,but i actually would like to alter and create my own images soo i wanted to ask where and which software should i use.And i need a free one couse i couldnt invest any money right now

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Hi A,

Been down the same road and used many texture sites (limited size and amount of downloads for Gen. Pub Use) and found by total accident (best ones are) NeoTextureEdit_0.6.4

Its pretty darned cool in making, morphing and composing textures, especially in sci-fi environs.

Oh and its FREE!!!

Just Goofle it (its at S???F???.net) and give it a whirl, then if you would kindly post back your experience so others may give it a whirl for (and thanks for the question) I had never thought about showing that to the group…

Hope that helps and if so, tell the group so they can get in on it!


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NeoTextureEdit is indeed awesome, that is why it has been built in to the jMonkeyEngine SDK for many years :slight_smile:


Well… the best of the best IMO is Substance Pinter. It’s not free, but they have fair prices for indies.
Also it’s not only very easy to produce quality textures with it, but it’s also a lot faster than with gimp or photoshop or the likes.

There is a 30 days trial… but yeah then you’ll have to invest money.

Depends how you want to create your textures:

Here are three methods, free programs mentioned only. Each takes time to get good at.

  1. From scratch by painting: you can use GIMP, Krita. With a set of brushes this approach may be good for some textures.

  2. Procedural: Blender (Blender tutorial | Procedural rocks - YouTube), GLSL.

  3. Mix free textures in either GIMP or Krita.


I’m not great with art so I purchased a few cheap textures libraries I liked, and now I primarily use GIMP to edit those textures. And I also like to use the Texture Paint mode in blender, which lets you paint and mix textures right onto the model

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What sort of textures?

If you want some tiled textures there are good sites and it’s easier to download them than to make something like wood or vegetation from scratch.


It’s easy to change color/details, so often better to try and change a texture to be what you want rather than create from scratch.

Like metal, you can download multiple metal textures - start with something a bit dirty, download a scratched one and overlay them. Lower the saturation a bit, tint them. Take the scratched one, increase contrast to isolate the scratches then tint it and apply it as an overlay… and so on. I used GIMP to do this. With some simple techniques you can take the free textures and make loads of different things.

Alternatively you can get a load of decent brushes for GIMP and create your own textures pretty easily. Anything dirty/grungy is pretty easy.

If you don’t want tiled textures and are texturing a model I usually start with baked AO and flat colors. From there I start applying tiled textures or just work by hand using brushes (loads of cool free ones for GIMP, but it takes a bit of time to get used to it).


Hi @jmaasing,

Well I’ll be!!! :blush: I never knew it was in there and actually found it on a forum where a guy named Phroot used it in his JME games.

Many thanks for the link, I have been through the tut’s and I missed that one. But I also :blush: missed a keyword in Normans tut on anim import for Blender which is how I got here. So all in all I’d say this has worked out well especially when I see lots of nice input to help out on this topic and thats what I was hoping for…

Many Thanks!!!


PS: Not to sound as if I’m blind but I have just searched the Java Docs and a “For Years in the SDK”…well please help this “white caned” guy see just WHERE in the SDK or even BETTER in the Java Docs that this has been for YEARS!!!



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Hello @Safari

I don’t know what you want to know? This is a plugin in the SDK, not code in jME-core so there aren’t any JavaDocs to speak of. But I think Normen originally included neotexture in JmonkeyEngine SDK (then called JMP) in 2010 or something like that.

This is the oldest mention I could find :

Hope that helps.

Are you guys sure that this is still in the sdk? I try to follow the tutorial on the wiki and I can’t seem to find NeoTexture category in the new file dialog.
EDIT: Oh, it seems it’s a plugin. Too bad, it would be high time we fixed whole sdk plugin situation.
EDIT2: If you don’t mind having a separate app, you can get neo texture from here http://neotextureedit.sourceforge.net/

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Thnx every one

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Hi @jmaasing,

I sure appreciate your reply along with research for the topic you inlined.

Well after reading @grizeldi 's reply (good job!!!) it confirms what I thought which is that it isn’t IN the SDK, its a plugin IN the IDE, not a big difference to some but is to my self and many thanks for your help.

@grizeldi, Thanks for the input.

In my original reply I made a reference to SourceForge (S???F???.net) because I wasn’t sure about well I guess it would be advertising, but that s really not it. Anyway thanks for posting the link and yes I agree with your points fully!

I personally just used the stand alone front end and then put the results into my textures via GIMP conversion.

OK, well this sounds like its been a good discussion all around for @angel999 got a resounding reply (good job all) and we now have a link to a tutorial and another to the actual product sans Goffle-ing for it.

And in ending it is a cool tool :wink:


It kinda is a big diffrence since there’s no way of getting plugins as of right now, apart from compiling them yourself.


Hi Griz,

Yep I do totally agree I guess I was putting too much “nice” into the reply of “its in the SDK” which it Isnt and that sucks that I was being too nice to confront a MISLEADING “in the SDK”. Sorry JM but its is NOT in the SDK and I mean that with NICENESS!!!


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