How do i install Javadoc?

What do I have to install when I get the message below? I’m not an experienced developer so please explain it in a way that I can understand it. Thank you very much !!


if using Gradle, you can just click on packages folder in Projects TAB → “download javadocs” and “download sources”, then it will work fine for javadocs and debugging.

Yeah… looking at the JAR path. That is probably an ANT project. Depending on what you are doing it might be better at least for the long run to switch to said Gradle. Probably the easiest way is to create new Gradle project and migrate your code there. Then you’ll also get the javadocs and sources as described.

& @Edmund in case you are searching for gradle examples :
Desktop :

And the SDK you are using can straight away create a new Gradle game project for you. The same way you created your ANT game project. Just select the Gradle option.

Ant is not deprecated but honestly, everybody has migrated to Maven or Gradle. It just makes so much simpler to handle the dependencies etc.