(SOLVED) Installing JavaDoc (Gradle vs Basic)

So I read this thread a couple times How do i install Javadoc

I just wanted to clarify, can you only get JavaDoc synched up with a gradle project? (I currently just use the JME3 BasicGame)

Well, I don’t use any gradle magic for other purposes than building the jMonkeyEngine and therefore my knowledge about it is very limited.

But when I build jME (using gradle), I get the following folder structure:

The javadoc is right there, and can be added to your non-gradle project in your favourite SDK.

Hope this helps.

EDIT: I find all required jar files in the lib folder, which I then add to my non-gradle project as well :wink:

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Depends on the IDE you are using. I assume Netbeans/jME SDK since BasicGame is mentioned.

In Netbeans you need to manually trigger the javadoc fetch… like so:

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Ah yes I forgot to mention that! I use the jME SDK. Err… I guess I am not sure where exactly to download it and where exactly to put/fetch it in the JME SKD … lol :face_holding_back_tears:

Would I download the javadoc from github?

No. I mean, you use Gradle right?

Just How do i install Javadoc? - #14 by tonihele. There is the screenshot. Just right click and click download Javadoc?

After this the javadoc is accessible in the IDE normally. You see it when you code.

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No I haven’t been using Gradle. looks like that is the only option if I’m in the JME SKD ?

Ok sorry I read it wrong then. I think both the Gradle and the Ant template is called BasicGame.

Anyways, yes, due to a bug in the SDK, the Ant version of the game template doesn’t have the Javadoc. Then probably Apollo’s post is the correct one for that or whatever Google brings up when Googling Netbeans, Ant, Javadoc…

What it comes to these build systems… Unless this is some 2h school thing, you are going to regret using Ant later, pretty soon in fact. I would definitely pick Gradle. And I know, I started with Ant too.

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No worries that’s my bad I feel like I don’t know enough terminology to really articulate things. In any case I feel like I have it figured out for moving forward, thanks guys!

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Well I kind of stumbled across what I wanted so I wanted to share in case it helps anyone else out! This would be for getting javadoc in your JME3 BasicGame.

  1. We’re going to download the latest zip off github

  2. Once you unzip it just pull the javadoc folder out and put it somewhere you can remember.

  3. In the jME SKD go into your ‘Libraries’ folder and then right click jme3-core - jme3-core-3.3.0-stable.jar and then ‘edit’.

  4. Go to the Javadoc tab and then add the unzipped javadoc folder that you put somewhere nice before.

You’ll now have javadoc for your project and you can feel accomplished until you run into something else you can’t figure out :melting_face:


Yeah, when you use a 20 year old build system there will often be a lot of manual steps like that. Glad you got it working.

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