How do I make a triangular prism mesh?

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Basically, am I able to use jMonkey’s shapes to make one or do I have to make my own mesh?

Also when I tried using the dome mesh the bottom face is always invisible for some reason

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what’s your goal? to make a shape like that image?

Once again I am at work and can’t play around much … but perhaps

//the three points that make up the triangle
Vector3f p1 = new Vector3f(0,1,0);
Vector3f p2 = new Vector3f(1,1,0);
Vector3f p3 = new Vector3f(0,1,1);
Triangle t = new Triangle(p1, p2, p3);

code from → Introduction to Mathematical Functionality


Looks like some people created a prism mesh before.


Ali_RS, the top post answer works perfectly for me. Thank you!!


JMonkeyEngine supports custom meshes.

In custom meshes, invisible faces are usually caused by having an incorrect “winding order”.

In the case of a rectangular prism, there’s no need to create your own custom mesh, because the Heart library includes a class to generate prisms:

Here is how you might invoke it to create a triangular prism:

import jme3utilities.mesh.Prism;
Mesh prism = new Prism(3, 1f, 1f, true);

Here is how to add Heart to your project:


Thanks, that is really useful. Am I able to make a right angled triangle/wedge with a preset mesh generator from jMonkey/external library?

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I don’t know of any, but I’ll take that as a suggestion for Heart v8.1 …

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Heart v8.1.0 was recently released. The Prism class includes a new constructor for prisms capped with right triangles: