How to lighten up areas darkened by shadows?

I have one main DirectionalLight (aka sunlight) which I use together with a DirectionalLightShadowRenderer to create shadows. Now I want the player to be able to use a second light source (torch) to see when he is underground.
The problem is that the shadows are calculated after the effect of both lights are rendered. That way the areas which are supposed to be illuminated by the torch are dark.
Is it possible to do this with dynamic shadows?

As far as I know the only way is to rebuild the shadow rendering code. You should light up pixels that are not covered by shadow, but now you make something opposite. Unfortunately, this is the way the shadows works in JME.
To be honest, drawing the shadows is a big part of the 3d rendering, if the built-in solution is not enough then try to look here: My next pathetic attempt with shadows - help - #74 by nehon
I’m using Perjin’s PrettyShadows (big thanks to him!) with a lot of modifications. It is not simple, it requires at least basic knowledge of shader’s programming, but it is possible to reach the effect you want in JME.
And thanks to the shadows I learned a lot about 3d rendering so it is worth to spend some time on it.
And to encourage you: Skullstone - a dungeon crawler game - #40 by FrozenShade here you can see what effect you can reach with that code :wink: