I want to know how much jsp is fast

hello all the people in here
when i first ask my question about that how much java is fast
i got the answers that feel me like that iam a kid in java programming

now i want to know how much tomcat or jsp is fast
this is not related to jmonkey programming or game development

i just want that all brilliant and experienced people will give their sunshine of knowledge on me

Its as fast as your ability is to make it run fast. I prefer jetty myself.

so ur saying that it can beat any other language no matter ur making a buisness intelligence or datawarehouse

it is so fast if you code carefully…

thank u for ur response yn97,
its always beneficial and correct when u ask from brilliant and experienced person

Thats not what i said at all.

77 liters fast


The speed depends on the characteristics of the computer or device.

I mean if you’re a crappy programmer, it doesnt really matter what you use. It wont be the publicly available and world-scrutinized library slowing you down. You could put your code on any engine and it would more than likely be just as fast - because your code is the bottleneck. Choose an engine based on your requirements. Scrutinize when you have a genuine issue.

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I have a one gb of space on jsp server
Iam a very much crappy programmer
Can Online shopping project in jsp beat any
Other language on iis server

Nothing can beat assembly language, if you want strict and practically useless theoretical answer. Otherwise context and restrictions (including development time) must be specified.

What is the meaning of 77 liter fast

Honestly, if you are a crappy programmer, you should buy a non so crappy programmer to make your online shop. Mainly out of security reasons. But you also will not get any shop running if you do all yourself.

Regarding speed. i would say jsp is as fast as my local pizza delivery guy


It’s similar to the response normen always gives to these questions…
Q: “How fast is this unmeasurable thing?”
A: “75 madeup-word”
…only Ricardo didn’t make up a word.

Anyway, if speed were important then half the web wouldn’t be running PHP right now. Of all of the considerations of a web site, the speed of the view technology used is one of the lowest priorities.

what are other priorities that should be taken into account, rate them accordingly
as e web developer
the question is for pspeed

It seems to me you are trolling, so i replied accordingly.

any other programming answer would be helpful

If you hire a decent web developer then they will tell you.

Hint: it doesn’t matter how fast the view tech is if your server crashes all the time, it takes you three years to make a change, and users can hack your site in 2 seconds. All of those things are way more important.

Plus, if it’s an e-commerce site then you have to take into consideration taxes, VAT, etc… it’s extremely complicated. Better to let someone else handle the money (like Steam) and go with a prebuilt solution for everything else.

Or hire an experienced web developer and pay them well. And if he’s any good, he will tell you exactly what I just did.

in terms of money we have national informatics center (website written in jsp)
you have to deal with them for all money transaction ,no issue
and no issue of taxes ,because they take care of all these things

i know using paypal is the right choice to store information in their databases

but lets not talk about websites that involve money transaction

lets take an example of teaching people java web sites,or
sports news website
then give your ratings accordingly

and also my server do not crashes,it may be down for 1 hour or so.


Asking these sort of questions is merely procrastination on your part, distracting your from the server you should already be setting up and seeing what works for you.

You could have probably tried out jsp and jetty in this time you’ve spent asking pointless stuff and formed your own options on them, then went with the superior option for your specific case.

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