Inconsistency regarding Keybindings

Hey Guys,

The Problem is the following: Depending on the Operating System, you get the right key event or you get the key event which you’d have on a qwerty keyboard layout.

To be precise: On my Mac OS X 10.9.5 I get a KEY_Y Event when I press the Z key (i.e. the US-Layout)
On my Windows 7 Machine exactly the same SourceCode produces a KEY_Y Event when I press the Y key.

As such this might rather be an issue for lwjgl, but I don’t know if we don’t have any “hacks” around for that input or if it is changed it later versions of lwjgl and all

Well I suppose a workaround would be to switch Y and Z key events in the inputHandler depending on the Locale (which would be a generous generalization)? Gets a bit tricky for azerty though I imagine.

Yeah, that’s not possible I guess, since you’d have to know every keybinding (even the russian ones and such).

Since it works on Windows either it is query some windows api or maybe it’s just not implemented for Mac OS yet? Or at least in the version we use?

Did someone try linux or jogl?

Ubuntu 15.10 live USB + qwertz keyboard works properly.
It’s annoying to have to go search for z button every time you want to go down, but the key event that is ifred is proper.

The fix: let users remap the keys to their liking.

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…for example like this:

I don’t understand that? When you press YOUR Z button, is the KEY_Z Event fired?

A) I’ve never really had a game where I needed to remap something. It’s good for a personal play style but the keys were correct.
B) Imagine a Chat Bar. If you have to remap 26+ keys, you delete the game before you hit 1 hr Playtime.

I don’t know about äöüß though, if the raw input listener can work with them or something.

Edit: Plus it seems to work on Windows AND Linux. So Blame Apple

Imagine if a key blew up your computer. Imagine if your computer was really a bat in disguise. Or we can stop being ridiculous and talk apples and apples instead of two different things.

The key code and the character typed are two different things. Always have been, always will be. That’s why the raw events have both. Or are you saying that the character types it also bogus? If so then that’s 100% on the OS.

Yes that’s correct.

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Great … really great … now there’s a fingerprint on my TFT display. Thanks, Pesegato!!! Argh! :wink: