Jme 3d source code


Btw anybody know where i can find web simple source code or complete project for my programming subject project. i already google it but it so hard to find.all i found just source code from and also incomplete project.I’m new to this world so perhaps anybody willing to help me.thanks.


The tutorials contain lot of code and explanations:

Also you can easily download the JME demos in the SDK:

thanks.i already check this out before. i want to make another new project.for example puzzle game or pac maniac in 3d.did u have any web or videos that i can refer to?

No, unless you are creating a Dungeon Keeper II clone, then you can visit my GitHub page :smiley:

Maybe you need a plan first, what you really want to do? What kind of game? And take it piece by piece, problem by problem. Or I don’t know… are you just looking for something you can reskin or expand?

Or this:

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This looks as if you got an assignment from your teacher and want to get around doing anything yourself… You don’t even seem to know what kind of game you want to do. Theres several example games, just search the forum.

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thanks i’ll check it out.

did you know how to solve this problem?before this i did exit jmonkey unproperly.then when i try to open it,turn out to be like this.already uninstall and install but it still appear this.i press ok button but nothing happen.already try for several times.

Try deleting the settings folder. Also make sure you always run the SDK as the same user (and not via “Run as Administrator”)

totally dummy.where can i find the setting.already find but all i see are the latest file that i download it.before i uninstall the first one already remove some other file related.then i install using windows.and also how can i run as the same user?when i right click it shows only run as administrator.

You just open the app to run it as a normal user.

thanks.i reboot it and the problem settle.