JME-related libraries with Maven coordinates

Following up on a discussion from October, I’m assembling a list of JME-related libraries that can be added to Gradle projects as dependencies—in other words, those with Maven coordinates (groupid : artifactId : version).

My plan is brainstorm suggestions here, assemble and format the list, then add it to the JME wiki. (Should be much simpler than creating JmonkeyStore pages for all of them.) Does this plan make sense?

Here are a few examples to get the ball rolling…

name: Minie
maintainer: sgold
purpose: 3-D physics simulation
readme URL: Project overview :: The Minie project
coordinates of latest release: com.github.stephengold:Minie:3.0.0
at JCenter? yes
other repositories: Jitpack [unofficial]

name: Lemur
maintainer: pspeed
purpose: user-interface toolkit
readme URL: GitHub - jMonkeyEngine-Contributions/Lemur: Lemur is a jMonkeyEngine-based UI toolkit.
coordinates of latest release: com.simsilica:lemur:1.14.0
at JCenter? yes

name: jme-easing
maintainer: none
purpose: easing functions for animation
readme URL: GitHub - jMonkeyEngine-archive/jme-easings-jayfella-github: Mirror of jayfella/jme-easings from github
coordinates of latest release: com.jayfella:jme-easing:1.0
at JCenter? yes

name: jME-TTF
maintainer: Tryder
purpose: render TrueType fonts
readme URL: jttf
coordinates of latest release: com.atr:jme-ttf:2.2.2
at JCenter? yes


I have a handful of them listed here: Bintray

I’ll follow up with a breakout like you have it later.

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Note: it might be hard to keep the latest versions up to date over time so I’m just going to include the links where you can find the latest one.

The ones I have with releases (at the moment): (maintainer is me for all of these)
Name: Lemur
Purpose: Modular light weight UI library
Bintray: Bintray
Github: GitHub - jMonkeyEngine-Contributions/Lemur: Lemur is a jMonkeyEngine-based UI toolkit.
Wiki: Home · jMonkeyEngine-Contributions/Lemur Wiki · GitHub

Name: Lemur-proto
Purpose: Additional Lemur UI components in incubation.
Bintray: Bintray
Github: Lemur/extensions/LemurProto at master · jMonkeyEngine-Contributions/Lemur · GitHub
Wiki: Home · jMonkeyEngine-Contributions/Lemur Wiki · GitHub

Name: Lemur-props
Purpose: Simple property panel for displaying editable bean properties with Lemur.
Bintray: Bintray
Github: Lemur/extensions/LemurProps at master · jMonkeyEngine-Contributions/Lemur · GitHub

Name: Zay-ES
Purpose: Entity-Component-System library (ECS)
Bintray: Bintray
Github: GitHub - jMonkeyEngine-Contributions/zay-es: Zay-ES is a Java-based high-performance entity-component-system.
Wiki: Home · jMonkeyEngine-Contributions/zay-es Wiki · GitHub

Name: Zay-ES-Net
Purpose: Networking layer for Zay-ES.
Bintray: Bintray
Github: zay-es/extensions/Zay-ES-Net at master · jMonkeyEngine-Contributions/zay-es · GitHub
Wiki: Home · jMonkeyEngine-Contributions/zay-es Wiki · GitHub

Name: Sim-Math
Purpose: Double-based 3D math package with some JME integration.
Bintray: Bintray
Github: GitHub - Simsilica/SimMath: A double-based math package similar to JME's float-based math classes.

Name: SiO2
Purpose: General purpose game toolkit with common components.
Bintray: Bintray
Github: GitHub - Simsilica/SiO2: Base pack of useful reusable game code that can help bootstrap any JME game project.

Name: Sim-Ethereal
Purpose: High-performance real-time object network-synchronization library.
Bintray: Bintray
Github: GitHub - Simsilica/SimEthereal: A high performance library for real-time networked object synching.
Wiki: Home · Simsilica/SimEthereal Wiki · GitHub

All on jcenter.


Thanks for your assistance, @pspeed.

I understand that version numbers go out-of-date quickly, but I want the final list to include at least groupId and artifactId. Of course, I can obtain those data from the Bintray links.

@RiccardoBlb would you like your repos included?

I have about 10 more artifacts to catalog from my own repos. For completeness, I should write up the “org.jmonkeyengine” repo. I’ll also poke through “com.jayfella” and David Bernard’s repos and try to make sense of them.

Anything else?

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Sure, why not. You can include those for now:


While hunting for the best place to add a page to the Wiki, I discovered this page, which was inaccessible due to a malformed xref (recently corrected).


You don’t want to include “jmec” at this time?

Ah, given the giant amount of white space on the bintray page, I missed that there was a second page.

Name: JME Convert
Purpose: Command line and embeddable JME asset conversion tool.
Bintray: Bintray
Github: GitHub - Simsilica/JmeConvert: A command line utility for converting models to J3O and copying their dependencies to a new target structure.

Name: SiO2-bullet
Purpose: Bullet physics extension for the SiO2 library.
Bintray: Bintray
Github: GitHub - Simsilica/SiO2: Base pack of useful reusable game code that can help bootstrap any JME game project.

Edit: hm… seems I never uploaded an SiO2-bullet release. So it’s “not ready yet”, I guess.

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BinTray has several Maven packages in the “com.jayfella” group for which I haven’t found source code at GitHub. Can anyone point me to up-to-date source code for any of the following 6 libraries?

  • devkit-filters-plugin
  • ShaderBlowEx
  • jme-graphics
  • devkit-terrain-plugin
  • lemur-window
  • intellij-integration-api

You can also include Blocks

name: Blocks
maintainer: remy_vd
purpose: voxel library
Bintray: Package blocks - remyvd
Github: GitHub - rvandoosselaer/Blocks: A block (voxel) engine for jMonkeyEngine
Wiki: Home · rvandoosselaer/Blocks Wiki · GitHub

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I am aware of these two

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I’ve submitted PR 122 with a first-cut version of the new list. I broke the list into 2 parts:

  1. libraries at JCenter
  2. libraries not at JCenter

I have a version of the jme-graphics. When I get home and have decent internet I can put it on github.

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Sorry for the late response.
I have placed my version of jme-graphics here:
tlf30/jme-graphics-modified: A modified version of jayfellas jme-graphics library. (

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Thank you, Trevor. Are Maven artifacts for your version available from JCenter?

No, I have never published anything to JCenter. But I would be willing to set it up. I will look into it this evening. Do you have any words of wisdom in how to do it?

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This thread may be helpful.

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OK, thank you for the thread.
I think I have this figured out. Please let me know if you have any issues with this setup. Bintray link in the github release page:
Release v0.0.0 initial release · tlf30/jme-graphics-modified (

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