jMonkey Wizard

This topic is for JMonkey wizard a JMonkey engine project builder.

i have created a GitHub repository if someone want to contribute. the project is under apache 2.0.

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i’d like to know if this is correct if no please tell me.

Why did you create a project from scratch instead of forking or extending Bootmonkey - bootstrap your JME project - #25 by alfinete ?

@aegroto At the beginning my attention was to improve bootMonkey but it use git too much. it’s hard to remove all git related code and add new one than creating new app form scratch.

Mmh ok, but i think that using git is not wrong or limitative in any way. Nearly every template is hosted there, as any project that is minimally articulated needs version control.

@aegroto there is nothing wrong they are only different ways.
i didn’t use git cause you will need always internet connection to create a project.

Ok, i understand. However i think it would be easier for other users to prepare templates for your application if it would be able to import project from a common system like git.

if i used BootMonkey i will delete every thing boot monkey and JMonkey wizard are completely different there is no way to implement one in the other if you have seen the source code you will notice that.

I am using this template if you like to make a change i ll be glade

Why should i modify that template? How is it related to jMonkey Wizard?

i said if you want, and this i will use this template in JMonkey wizard so any change on this this template will be applied to JMonkey Wizard template .

It is not the point. I was just wondering why you decided to build a project from scratch instead of forking an existing and working one and that was because you thought it was better for your project’s purpose. I don’t have anything to complain about the template you are using.

i actually forked BootMonkey but when i tried to “make it better” i found my self deleting most of the code if not most classes so i decided to create new one and i call it JMonkey wizard.

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This is for projects that don’t use the SDK, so as to do what the SDK does for creating a project? Like for intellij as a plugin?

Bootmonkey is based on the idea of pulling templates from git. The point was not to “impose” project templates to users, but offer default ones and let them have their own if ever they find it useful, in a way as simple as pushing the source on github/whatever git remote. Also you can update the templates without having to release the app again.
That’s pretty much the reason it’s built around git :stuck_out_tongue:

I admit it doesn’t work at all without an internet connection.

Anyway, more choices for the monkeys. Can’t be bad. Nice work!


It would be even “better” if it allowed to choose the template to fetch from git too, appart of giving the default one for an “offline option” (this way it isn’t limited in any way). This could allow to add an online repo too so it also gives an option as a drop-down list with available known templates (that list could be another github repo with a single text file containing the git url of other templates).


My idea was to make “the perfect template” a template that all the monkeys can use it for publishing their games on all devices that JMonkey engine support without changing the template every time you want to publish a game on a device. and if someone use LibGdx there template is perfect for the engine no one there is complaining about oh it’s hard to start a project.

this is a very nice idea. but how many times the template could be updated maybe once in forever.

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I was thinking in a different approach for the usage of the templates, not just to match target platforms but to allow the creation of game-type specific templates (including specific dependencies, base code, etc). If this would be used… that’s another question xD.

Updates could trigger this need, maybe?, the addition/removal of a supported platform on future versions?

you have already bootMonkey.

I said maybe once in forever. but this not what i exactly meant. and add and remove platform could be once in tow or three years this not something that you will use git for it science the update will be necessary for the whole app.