jMonkeyEngine 3.1.0 how do I download the massive SDK?

Can this be uploaded anywhere other than github 10mins and the download simply flat lines… WTF…there are still people in the world that can’t download 500+ megs in 10mins

It might help if you were more specific about what you want. What server would work better for you? Are you looking for the Engine only or the complete SDK?

been trying to d/load the win64 version here for 4 days now, always dies after 10mins or so …it starts good then the transfer rate starts to rapidly slow down until it reaches zero…have tried with and without a download manager same result…got up to 60% once and resume capabilities isn’t supported…also had this issues months back trying to download the engine source…it a constant exercise in frustration

I’ll upload it to google drive for you, though this is only a temporary measure for you… Give me a short while…

would really appreciate this, my connection doesn’t allow me to download fast enough to get the file in 10-15mins, which seems like a standard window for package releases on github

There you go. Hope that helps. Sorry it took so long. It would only download a few hundred Kb a sec from git.

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downloading now thanks…is it that downloading releases from GIT are troublesome in general or is it a region thing…because I ALWAYS get a hard time for anything over 100mb

done thank you

please upload x86 version to google drive als

You can download the google drive client and download it straight to google drive - then download it from google drive to your computer.

google drive taking lots of space

will it download x86 installer

still ended up downloading the the engine only 156mb package because I was having some weird setup issues with platform…took me about 5 tries to download, but just…just managed to squeak it…will use platform for assets and plugin review/ testing, but will continue to develop on eclipse to avoid problems until i get my issues with platform sorted. but yeah an upload server other than git would be helpful…will look at google drive though

also the physics tests appear broken or not compiled when u create a “jme-example project”

The engine is on bintray and in jcenter. No reason to download it directly from github unless you are trying to use legacy build tools.

No, that would be the option to use if you are using a legacy build tool. In a modern build tool, you just specify your dependencies and let it download the right things for you.

ok cool

install google drive now what

right click the download link. click “Save As…” then select the google drive folder on the left.

please upload x86 version somewhere else where i can download with slow connection in 4 or 6 hours
after that feel free to delete all my post

saved download link in google drive
now what