Ludum Dare 32: "An Unconventional Weapon" - Progress Thread

Post your WIP screenshots from your Ludum Dare 32 game here!

wip wip wip


First Screenshot:


Only code, no gfx. I’m late :smile:

Really like those pictures, especially the first one.

@ - David: I R simpleton… don’t understand your mumbo-jumbo code… I need picture to give points :D.

I’m still on the template example they provide xD, I can shoot balls and get “Hello” to appear on the top left tho… I have no idea how to use this engine yet haha…


i still dont have a gud idea :grimacing:

let see this tomorrow

Progress after day 1:

Time for sleep…


gimmi moar fire ballz

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Are fireballs your unconventional weapon? :stuck_out_tongue:

sort of, but against you (the player)

Oh. Do you the player in turn have a weapon against the fireballs? Jumping? :smiley:

not yet … you can just “walk” to avoid them 'cause running is exausting :stuck_out_tongue:

I kind of crashed and burned on this one. I will try again next time. Good luck to everyone else.

Looks promising @ndebruyn did you write your own physics for this?

Hi @gbluntzer,
I am using Dyn4J which is integrated into my game framework “Galago” .
I spend almost the whole day just trying to get my physics/pickup mechanics to work.
I think it is working now. Well it looks like it.

I’m late, and less motivated than for previous run.

@gbluntzer , maybe next time ! :wink:

I submitted an unfinished game : The dispatcher
Maybe I’ll make a post-compo version.

Time to sleep, :smiley:


Hey! This is not jme… where is the downvote button when you need it??? :wink:

I finally woke up after a ruff 2 days and can now share my game with you.
And with no further ado this is what 6 hours of sleep in 48 hour will give you.

Zombie Apocalypse Entry