(May 2016) Monthly WIP screenshot thread

Yes, WFTO is neat.
Yes, Dungeons1 was shit.
No, Dungeons2 has a different concept (and you can attack the overworld with your minions).
Yes, I saw the S that looks like a “3” too - quite a trick (together with their “it’s Dungeon Keeper Plus” slogan).

Well, at least they scared the poor guy. It is still available. But the guy who made it deleted all the posts and doesn’t work on it anymore. He said he made an agreement with the company.

This is what they do. The very same company (or was it Activision) send a cease and desist letter to a Finnish modding team even before a game was out and there was no mod yet in the making.

Scare tactics.

I’ve implemented a currency. They’re called Wexcoins and are as overpriced as bitcoins are. (top middle of the screen)

Also working on mouse hover tooltip like information displays (show up if you hover above something for more than 1.5 seconds) and I’m not sure if it’s better to show the box at mouse position or always in a prepositioned place like so:

I think the mouse position version might get in the player’s way and annoy him so I’m leaning more to the static one. Which one do you prefer?


Your GUI’s getting awesomer every time you post a screenshot! :clap:
I think the static one would be better, because it won’t be all over the place. I kinda hate when I find something and then loads of junk pops up and I cant see anything.

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Yeah I also asked a few other people and we all agree that the static one is better. Easier to make too :stuck_out_tongue:

Hint: Make a switch in the graphics options for that - this way everyone can decide for themselves.
I have a 6k by 1k display (3 hd displays) - things that appear somewhere near the left/right border are very annoying…

I suppose I could make it draggable so you can put it wherever you please.

Thought you may like this :stuck_out_tongue:
Baked physics : Blender to JME using Xbuf


That’s just awesome! Like it!:grinning:

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Looks super cool, :wink:

the chain looks very flexible even the join moves, how many armature in this chain?

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I’m working on a modification for Lemur that will allow one to create panel backgrounds by writing them in their style definitions rather than using a texture. Currently you can create a background, such as for a button or window, and specify the radius of the corners, a border thickness, a border color and an internal color or gradient with up to eight colors which can have their positions within the gradient specified as a percentage. By default a gradient goes from bottom to top, but can be rotated to achieve left to right or diagonal. The border can also have a gradient, but just two colors for now.

The rounded corners are achieved using the same technique I used to make jME-CircleShader so the edges are anti-aliased in the shader without requiring hardware or post-process anti-aliasing. Because borders and gradients are drawn by the shader, rather than a texture, these are fully scaleable without becoming pixellated.

P.S. I also got it so you can use both the original bitmap fonts or true type fonts through jME-TrueTypeFont. Also working on improvements to, hopefully, make it so you can create a single UI that will scale seamlessly between desktop and Android devices.


Ooohhhh … I like those buttons. Really nice.


There is No bone. All done by physic simulation in blender.

Ahmad this is a short video shows what I did.

This is all possible thanks to @david_bernard_31 and @Riccardo’s Xbuf importer for JME.


Well… then it’s not actually baked.It’s direct physic import.
I didn’t know xbuf was that advanced!! That’s huge.

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Actually thanks to @Riccardo direct physic from blender to JME is possible and it is done like what I did in above video but for using direct physic from blender to JME you should not click on “Bake To Keyframes” button. in this case all the physic calculation will be done in real time in JME.
But when you click on “Bake To Keyframes” button it bake all physic to a keyframe animation and remove all physic bodies. so after importing to JME you only have an animation.
Baking is cool to use in some kind of situation like in cutscenes or where there is a fixed physical interaction and …


oh ok so you have a spatial anim… that’s really neat.

That’s cool! I didn’t know there was something like physics baking in blender.

This made me want to try to make something similar of what you did in your video but without baking.
So, I imported the physics directly using vhacd for the chain’s rings, and this is the result:


(I added this to xbuf’s repo in the ‘nonunit’ test scene)


Pretty cool, thanks my friend.:grinning:

Looks good, but why do you have so many objects in your scene?