Monkeys at the beach

Alright monkeys!

Grab your swim suit, a beach towel, and your sun glasses!!!

This is the soon to be released water system for JME3.

For those interested in the dark side of JME, it’s a post process filter (like bloom, SSAO, etc…) i made from this article from Wojciech Toman on

It’s not yet in the SVN repo, but it should be in a couple of days.



WoW! Looks Great nehon!

This is really fantastic, congratulations…

Yaay, awesome :smiley:

Ohhh incredible it’s just magic. Just add a palm tree an it’s going to be perfect ^^. I’m curious to know what is the impact on performance ?


I would type more but my jaw just bounced away…



Wicked! :smiley:

The only thing I would’ve like to see more of is the effect on the beach, but other than that. Yay! :slight_smile:

tehflah said:

I would type more but my jaw just bounced away...



Are you an alien? :P I sure don't need my jaw to type! ;) lol


Looks really cool!

Somebody should make a Game using this!

Thank you everyone

stomrage said:
I'm curious to know what is the impact on performance ?

Well as the article says, this technique is very fill rate dependent, the greater the resolution the slower the render. I made the demo run at 1100 fps at 320p and about 500 at 720p (when the screen is entirely filled with water).
This looks good, but can be too slow with low hardware configurations.
That's why "old style" water is going to stay in the engine.
The next step is to make you guys test it on your different hardwares ;)

madjack said:
The only thing I would've like to see more of is the effect on the beach, but other than that. Yay! :)

You'll have plenty of them when it's in the SVN ;)

Creativ said:
Somebody should make a Game using this!

That's the idea :p

are waves, noise generation or whatever fully adjustable, I remember making a fairly rough ocean with jme2 run like shit (15fps) on my 6600gt but looked good, haven’t messed with that since I got the gf295.

just notice the shit smiley what do you have for the other bad words :slight_smile:

Hey, great work, looks really good, can’t wait to test this out

Alright it’s in

Made some clean up, added javadoc to explain all the parameters to tweak the water (there is a lot)

I enhanced the look of the water on the shore a little bit.

Now go test monkey fellows!!!

Look at TestPostWater for usage. I’ll make a proper doc for all the parameters

Known issues :

  • Foam appear when water collide with the sky box, making a white line artifact on the horizon, need to fix this
  • Sometime black pixel artifacts apear on the horizon, don’t know why.
  • I did not managed to properly reconstruct position from depth so I rendered a position buffer, resulting in a bigger memory usage and an additional render pass that slows down the whole effect.

gave it all my card had to offer 1440x900x75 16x full screened got 150/200 fps, doesn’t seem to have an under surface effect though if you go under the water you see nothing i.e no water effect from under the water looking up…if that makes sense,… looks good otherwise

Yhea there is no under surface effect for now, just above water

that’s cool it works :wink:

I’m stunned into silence. :o:o:o

It’s just really amazing.

Thanks Mulova!

I’ve just committed an update, the position is now computed from depth, bumping up the FPS about 15%.

However, now there are ugly artifacts on the shores when looking from a far and from the above point of view.

I don’t know if it’s due to precision loss in the depth buffer or ATI card glitch.

Could you guys test this with different hardwares and post screen shots please?

Thank you

The water effect is in screen-space :stuck_out_tongue:

It rises and lowers, and by that I mean, the blue stuff you see in there dissapears for a while and you just see the island, and then it appears again

I get about 35ish fps, at 1920 / 1080. I noticed the beach area surface seems to dim quite a bit when I back away with the flycam. And when the beach area dims down it also loos like the foam sticks to the beach, or some other type of artifact.

The water looks really good though :slight_smile: