Move Profile along Path - JME version of FreeCAD's Sweep

Hi everyone!

Is it possible in JMonkey to create a shape from a profile and a path? Similar to FreeCAD’s Part Sweep or Blender’s Bevel.

In my project, I want to visualize spline-like paths. However, the paths are first defined by the user, so it is not possible to create the corresponding meshes in advance, e. g. in Blender, and then import them before launching an application.


Please take a look at this project

The main Github repo is deleted. You can use this fork



Thank you for the prompt reply. I will have a look at the linked project later today :slight_smile:
But is sounds very promising!


My jBMesh library has an ExtrudePath operator. It takes points and orientation as an input. JME has functions for handling curves.

Example Helix Path:


This looks awesome too!

I will come back later this week to have a closer look at your project.