Moving and New Job

For those of you that don't read my blog, here's my little announcement:

I've accepted a position with NCsoft in Austin Texas. Makers of City of Heroes, City of Villains, Lineage I/II, Guild Wars, etc. It's a Java position and will (most likely) make use of jME. It will be a small group at first as sort of an "experiment", I guess you can say. It's myself and one other programmer, as well as a couple artists and a designer.

So, exciting times, I'll be moving to Austin soon, working with jME full time and promoting Java as much as possible from inside the Games Industry.

I love you.

Congrajulations.  8)

Congrats Mojo, you deserve it.  I look forward to seeing what great things you can accomplish, but at the same time I'm sad because I fear you won't be able to spend as much time on community stuff. :o


i'll be here to pat you on the back when you feel lonely darkfrog  :smiley:

Good to see jME has lead to such a great opportunity for you! (Well I assume it helped…!)

Let's hope they understand the importance of the community and giving back to it at NCsoft. However judging by the creativity in their games and in their buisness models (Guild Wars for example) I think this will be a good development for jME, it sounds like a great company to work for.

Now who could be that other person they hired…  :? Well, I think I know who I would hire…

Awesome! Great that you'll finally be able to work with something you find interesting :slight_smile:

I guess this is nothing but good news for jME as someone is actually going to get paid for working with it.

i'm really glad to hear such news mojo! congratulations!  :smiley:

…after Mr. Coder's "kind words" I'm scared…don't go mojo! :-p


You should go easy on Mojo when he starts this new position because I heard he's going to have to put up with some guy from Chandler, AZ sharing an office with him… 

I think whoever does the hiring at NCsoft seems to agree with my ideas :smiley:

Congratulations, I wish you all the best for your new job!

You should go easy on Mojo when he starts this new position because I heard he's going to have to put up with some guy from Chandler, AZ sharing an office with him....

Who's from Chandler? I don't want to share an office with no stinkin' Chandleridians!

Haha, inspiring how this open source project opened doors for you guys.

Darn the locational bigotry on this forum…  :stuck_out_tongue:

For those concerned that we will no longer be working on jME. Here is what I expect to happen (again, not actually working there yet, so a lot of this is assumptions from talking with the boss-man):

We will be using jME extensively for our own project. (Originally we are supposed to investigate other technologies, but they hired 2 jME guys… so we all know where that will lead). As such, we will be fixing bugs, making enhancements to existing features, and adding new features as we need them. So, our work on jME will actually increase (I haven't sat down and worked on jME in quite awhile). Bug fixes and small enhancements will be contributed back, new features we'll probably have to get permission to contribute back. Perhaps the biggest change is new additions (for us at least) won't be so much dictated by our feature road map, but the needs for the project we are working on. I'd see most features as being contributed back with out too much trouble, but there might be some proprietary tools here and there that we can not give back.

the biggest problem as i see it is that a project like this needs someone that can take contributions from users and put them into the cvs(after cleanups etc). you will probably not have much time for things like that, if the contributet features isnt needed for your project.

Could you create an open package for effects that wont require the same marshalling


Im really pleased for you both, watch out for that exclusivity in the contract - it may be worth chatting to a solicitor to file Intellectual property rights before hand. Then negotiate the exclusivity so that you are not restricted in creating this engine. IMHO this engine will be valuable when you get past the next few releases, i have already donated to the cause, and when the project im on is commercial and reach the right benchmark you will get regular donations. Donations aside - you would even get annual license payments of 1000 or so. Shame that amazon caps the donation to 50.

I am happy for you chicks!