Learning jME3 History

Yep. We’ve just decoupled the releases as you said. And I think that has worked out well so far and probably improved both to some degree.

It’s a good news to me. I have waiting long for a new sdk release.

Then you havent checked github? :wink:

No, I havent checkout sdk for a month.

Glad to see that.
jMonkeyEngine SDK 3.2.0 Preview!

Ah! That long time was a month for you, I thought you are still on 3.0 :smiley:

Seems I should really Annonce that sdk on the hub

Also this one

This one is good. I have read it last year, but forget the title of this thread.

Hi Yan,

Sorry I don’t have any more articles. If you have specific questions about
things from the 1.0 or 2.0 days, or the fork called Ardor3D, I can probably
answer those.


– Josh (Renanse) Slack


How kind of you!

  • I really curious about the history of JME1.0 and 2.0.
  • I can see both jme3-jogl and jme3-lwjgl today, which one is first used in jME, JOGL or LWJGL?
  • Why the project Ardor3D started?
  • Why it’s abandend?
  • Is the JogAmp's Ardor3D Continuation still active?
    Yes, the source is last modified at 20 Sep 2016.

I’m now reading this:

See what I found!

I found a thread about NCsoft!

Moveing and new job Monjmonk was hired by NCsoft

Wait… someone mentioned the Guild War??
Satus and NCsoft

NCsoft looking for engineers 9 years ago.

Is NCsoft a fun place to work?

What games did NCsoft made with jME?

No, nothing really, the project was cancelled, as I read about it…

Java MMO client using jMonkeyEngine and Guild War Server

jME ad NCsoft

What is the situation with jME and NCsoft?

Ruth’s Book may have some stuff about the history of jME, not sure.

Thank you, I will take a look again.

Now I’m wondering when we had the mascot called Jaime?
Who made the model?
Who paint the logo?
Who give it the name?

@Nehon made the model

For non native English speakers… Jaime == ‘J’ ‘M’ ‘E’


cool heh ?

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:chimpanzee_google:I just find the blender file of Jaime on GoogleCode.

I want to find out all the dates when each version was released, but it seems that we lost all the commit history on google.

I only find these thing on google.

  • Jan 24, 2009 jME 2.0 stable
  • Sep 9, 2009 jME 2.0.1 stable
  • Jan 28, 2011 jME 2.1 FINAL

Now I trying another way. As people setup jME with CVS in those days, I’ll search about keyword “CVS” in forum. Wish to find something interesting.

I really enjoy in this video.

Here I have wrote something about jME3’s history in Chinese.

Still I have some questions:
#1 I can’t find the history about jME1 to jME2 during 2005 and 2008, what happend then?
#2 The release history of jME3 from 3.0.0 to 3.0.10 is missing.

It’s hard to imagine that this engine is almost as old as me.

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I have been working on some of the SDK stuff but cant find anything on this to update the links,

Cant find this discussion on forum or web cached,
link:http://www.jmonkeyengine.com/forum/index.php?topic=13070.0[discussion with Normen Hansen].

Edit: Found this but its useless,
For some time, the project was referred to merely as the "link:https://blogs.oracle.com/geertjan/youtube-movie-of-jmonkeyengine-on-netbeans-platform[Game Development Environment], or “GDE” for short.

Cant find this on forums or cached,

I was going to just remove the links and make it like so but figured Id give the forum users a chance to give input first on improving it or supplying links.

The jMonkeyEngine SDK first set root during a discussion with Normen Hansen. Although similar projects existed previously, this was the first serious attempt that had the original core team’s blessing. For some time, the project was referred to merely as the "Game Development Environment, or “GDE” for short. During alpha, we referred to it as jMonkeyPlatform, and for beta it was eventually renamed to the jMonkeyEngine SDK.

Edit: Found the Gert oracle blog but there is no video. Is this the video?


###jMonkeyEngine 3.2.0

In one word, PBR.

  • Physically Based Rendering material
  • Light Probes
  • Material Param override (global, scene graph material parameters)
  • glTF2.0 importer
  • jme3 VR support
  • App Profiler
  • tons of bug fixes


###jMonkeyEngine SDK

Version Naming

From this release on we have changed our naming scheme to be more obvious. The reason is that the old scheme wasn’t made for releasing multiple sdk versions for the same engine version, slowing down sdk release cycles.

v3.2-beta1-sdk10 would mean Engine Version v3.2-beta1 and the 10th sdk build thereof. Each Release will have the -sdk appendix and the first build will always be sdk1 so no sdk or sdk0.

We dropped the appendixes -SNAPSHOT and -FINAL though since technically most of the time final was just the latest snapshot.

There are no release notes yet but this version comes with all the new features the engine introduces in 3.2 like the App Profiler and PBR.

Along with that there were many bugfixes in the SDK.



Based on History for engine/src/core/com/jme3/system/JmeVersion.java - jMonkeyEngine/jmonkeyengine · GitHub

  • 24 Mar 2014 3.0.6
  • 13 Feb 2014 3.0.5
  • 22 Nov 2013 3.0.4
  • 2 Nov 2013 3.0.3
  • 10 Oct 2013 3.0.2
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