NCsoft Looking For Engineers

So, we are now entering the phase of ramping up staffing for our little "project" here at NCsoft. We've started the hiring process for non-engineer positions, and are starting to look into engineer positions now. It should be noted that this is not an official job announcement, but more a request for resumes. However, this announcement has been approved by our HR department. The job will require relocation to beautiful Austin, Texas.

NCsoft, the leader in Massively Online Gaming, is now hiring Software Engineers to work on a next generation Java-based MMO.

Applicants must be proficient in Java and previous game development experience is a huge plus. Candidates will be part of a small creative team. Ability to communicate well with other programmers, artists and creative directors is essential.

We are filling multiple positions, but a strong knowledge of 3D Graphics, Server design and general game design is desired.


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ill join if you're lookin for n00bs :stuck_out_tongue:


Good luck with the project - JME is an awesome product.

were there any resumes mojo? (i don't ask for numbers)

looks like most of the board users either already have a job or are not qualified for it. yeah, i fit in the second category, so what? :stuck_out_tongue:

Or they are living in the wrong country. :wink:

they could move to austin. but if they don't want to or can't, i suppose they belong to the "not qualified" group.

Of course the can move but would NCSoft employ people from other continent?

Ok, maybe if they have the perfect quallification. g

It's a very interessting position. To bad i do not fulfill the requirements.

They can move, but they have to deal with US immigration which is a pain.

I assure you, Mr Agent, I have a job offer from a monkey, a llama and a frog!

Well … sadly i live in germany with wife and kids…

Not sure what immigration requirements would be or if NCSoft would be willing to take care of the stuff that needs to be done there.

…but i think if you told me that is a position for GuildWars II then i would apply the very second you said so anyway lol :wink:

I would be very interested in this job, where it not for the relocation… :frowning:

There looks to be another updated job opening at NCSoft posted on Austin craigslist:

Sr. Java - jME Developer, NCSoft

Sr. Java - jME Developer, NCSoft

NCsoft North America, the U.S. branch of NCsoft, the worlds largest independent developer and publisher of online computer games is seeking a talented Senior Java / jME Developer for a new project.

Job Description:

* This opening is for an experienced software engineer specializing in Java applications development.
* Familiarity with the Java Monkey Engine (jME), 3D games or applications and networking preferred.
* Knowledge of C++, AJAX, Flash, and web 2.0 development practices is a huge plus.
* The developer will be primarily responsible for leading a project to develop a specialized 3D avatar chat client application in Java that will interface with a pre-existing chat server developed in C++.


* 3+ years experience with Java required
* Basic understanding of networking and client/server systems required
* Excellent technical, verbal and written communication skills required
* 3D game or application development experience preferred
* Knowledge of large scalable webserver solutions preferred
* Experience with the Java Monkey engine preferred
* Experience with C++ preferred
* Knowledge of AJAX, Macromedia Flash and other web 2.0 development platforms preferred

A casual work environment, comprehensive benefits package and competitive salary are all part of the package.

Come on people, apply for it!  :slight_smile:

i would. i’m actually searching for a job. it’s just that my english skills aren’t hat good and that i currently wouldn’t be able to relocate (because of various reasons)


We're going to corner the commercial market in jME talent!  Wahahahaha!  }:-@

I would take it for sure, the only little problem is I am currently studying my Ph. D. in Computer Science (at Knoxville), and don’t plan to finish it for a couple of years…

As far as requirements, I don’t think I have shipped a game at all  :’( (who has?  :?) Other than that, I humbly think I could fit it. (Ok, ok, I am no avid MMO player since I don’t have that much time  ;))

Is there any chance this is going to happen again in some years? (I mean, of course jME will still be around in 3 years, but not the position)

Think I could have a chance in about 3 years as well, since I'm PhDeeing yet, as Duenez.

Lets hope jME get where it belongs and positions like this will be available at that time.

I guess some of that rests on the quality of the games that get made with jME in the next 1-2 years.

so we all count on you guys! :wink:

oh the pressure!  :slight_smile: