My first Model

Hi all,

Ive been trying to model a headless zombie for ages now, and today, I have finally got the first cut. Any critisism regarding shape is appreciated

What’s your polycount? The lower the better.

this is with meshSmooth on.

Vertices: 1134

Faces: 1160

Without meshSmooth, take ~750 from each value.

But what do you think of the shape?

I thought it looked somewhat real very nice :slight_smile:

The best character model tutorial that I’ve found. It’s for Milkshape, but I did it first against gmax.

believe it or not guruk, but that is exacly how I done my model! I didn’t even know such a tutorial existed! 8)

I just scanned a couple of pictures I drew, and off I went and modeled the thing. I think its not bad for a first attempt.

Il try and skin it and show you.


Well, done. You’ve done a great job already.

The tutorial goes into why to do certain things to the model to allow for easier animation later. You’ve already done that for the knees I see…

ive just rigged the mesh with bones, and I must say, even I am impressed! :smiley:

Heres a screenie:


Looks great, DP!

I like it. :smiley:

Make sure you describe your experience of creating a model from scratch in a tool, exporting it into .jme, then displaying in jME. Headaches you have, format issues, etc.

It looks great! :slight_smile:

I agree with mojo - if you keep track of your process, perhaps we could design tools to automate much of it.

the process is v. simple. Export into 3ds, convert to jme using MaxToJme and a FileOutputStream, and your done!

Hi all, sry to revive this thread, but I appreciate the input from you guys. Does this look like a bus? Its the first image on the homepage incase you miss it :wink:


Thats an interesting old fashion bus/truck and looks pretty good. Would even look better with some textures. How did you create the trees?


Pretty cool, DP.

I agree with tomcat that textures would help… I think you could make me believe that it’s a bus or one of those do-it-yourself moving trucks given the right textures (and some wheels :smiley: ).


my friend is working on the textures.

Its gonna be a hippy bus!


Check it out now, its textured, not completely, but the front is nice.

As for the trees, hand made :slight_smile:


Good work DP. I like the old fashioned look. All you need now is an old bus stop. :slight_smile:


Not really as I havent been around that long. However, if you get some books (like history of london etc) for 40’s or turn of the century you’ll see them there. Hope this is useful.