Need Some History information

I am writing a short and sweet article for the Javaranch Journal on the different opengl options for Java.  This is not a what is better and what is worse.  This is merely an informational article saying here is what it is with a link.  I looked, but could not find, a bit of history on jME.  Where it started.  Why it started.  When it started.  It's current direction, etc.  Does anyone have any information I could use?  If you don't want to post it here you can email me at gdboling at gmail dot com.


Gregg Bolinger has some background information.

Where: at home, hobby project.

Why: Interest in graphics and boredom. No plans for it to become anything useful.



June 2003 - jME project begins (collection of graphics utilities, not a proper engine)

Sept 2003 - jME switches to a proper scenegraph based engine.

Nov, Dec 2003 - First initial releases to public of scenegraph

Feb 2004 - Josh "Renanse" Slack joins.

Aug 2004 - Jack "Cep21" Lindamood joins and adds Model handling with the .jme format.

March 2005 - jME is shown at GDC

July 2005 - llama and irrisor join the team

That's just kind of off the top of my head, others can feel free to add more.