New website front page

I made a new web page
Not as complete as the one before, but I did what I could in a limited time.

It’s all hosted and powered by github so it should never get down. We are looking to have a more permanent wiki on github too.

The web page project is here :
Feel free to PR, and enhance it, I’ll gladly accept and merge them.

EDIT: btw the background is courtesy of @Ecco. Thanks again man :wink:


Hey cool @nehon
I just noticed that for example “Application States” or “Custom Controls” are twice on this page just with a different picture.
Nevertheless I really like it . :clap:

Ooooo shiney , me likey ! Thanks , it looks great. I see the download links are also going to github as well. I’m huge fan of putting everything on github so in case the website goes down again we have github as a back up.

This new look looks even better than the old one! I’m loving it!
Great job!

Better than the original :thumbsup:

Well done!

oh…lol well I should have spent a little more time I didn’t even copy the proper text :))
Will fix that

thanks for the nice comments :wink:

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@nehon I don’t know if you’re aware, but most of the old website can be found on the Internet Archive. Hopefully you might get more of the old stuff there.

Edit: and @BigBob and @Dimalenus, they even have working versions of the latest 3.0 stable SDK here.

yep I used it. But I finally got my hand on the site backup :wink:

Wow. That’s shiny! Kudos for making it.

@nehon although the new site is not quite mobile friendly…

@nehon :
The new website looks very nice! :slight_smile:
You did a great job.

Edit: It’s also nice that the website is now on GitHub. It’s now on a reliable place and people can help to improve it.

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Good job, I like it!

I also like the web page look.

Well done and thanks for everything you do.

It’s nice that we have a web page again, but I see that the section ‘showcase’ which was important is missing.
Unfortunately, I’m not able to ‘code’ it, I know nothing about web development…

But I have the ‘idea’ how it would work.

  • projects in showcase are sorted by last modification date
  • one can add/edit his project to the showcase using forum account
  • to add an item to showcase user needs to have an ‘promotion’ (acceptance of forum’s moderator or something, to prevent spamming in showcase)
  • In showcase user can add a graphics header, some text, 2 or 3 links, up to 5 screens.

I had my project in showcase on previous webpage, there was a link to YT video. I saw that everyday there were entries from, so someone used that section.
Showing user’s projects made with JME is a great way to show the quality of the engine.

As I said, this is just an idea…


Well it’s very unlikely to happen as you describe it.

The web page is just that: a web page, not a fancy application. It’s just an html page and a couple of css. So there won’t be any login system, no dynamic features. just static pages. The simpler it is the less we have to maintain it.

So basically here is how it could work : someone PR this showcase page. people willing to add their project on this showcase page just PR the change on this page. This way, only the core team will accept PRs so no need of fancy login or credential or whatsoever.

For those who don’t know how to do it, well, you’ll have to copy paste here and there or ask nicely to a web dev friend.

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Let’s put it this way: we can’t lose the website without also losing the code repo :smiley:

Well, if github goes away without warning then I’m filling all of my bathtubs with water and heading to the store to buy whatever canned goods they have remaining…


Or use a forum section for that, and dynamically fetch with ajax the posts with at least N likes.

This search query can be used to get the topics already orderer by likes
category:"Site & Project" in:first order:likes
using this page: