Oracle gave it the big FU, now what?

I think Netbeans will drop to the wayside in popularity pretty quickly so now what?

Time to integrate with Eclipse? or go full bore with JMB?

I’m personally looking at other options now myself because Apache will most likely turn this into something the general population will not even bother with.

IntelliJ Community Editon with jMB :wink:


Hello @mitm,

I am new to jME, downloaded it for the first time yesterday and just registered on this forum with intention of starting a post regarding an issue I was having with NetBeans while following the tutorial.

I was just wondering what your are referring to? Is Oracle dropping support for NetBeans now? I was unable to find anything which may bring clarity to your post.

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Yes. They dumped it off on Apache and they will most likely make it so confusing no one will even touch it.

They don’t even have an installer yet so it may be Java 10 or later before they even catch up. Not their fault but most likely NetBeans is going to drop in popularity quite fast from here on.

Apache doesn’t even have Netbeans listed yet… This article sums it up nicely though.


I’m not very impressed with intellij to tell the truth. Their website doesn’t even work with IE so I cant explore their plugins.

I think IE is the most terrible browser in the world :slight_smile:

You need to explore plugins inside the IDE :wink:

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I understand people don’t like IE but I don’t want anything google on my system and browsers are just not worth the additional headache or disk space.

I have the agree here, I have to use it daily as an Android Developer and I think it’s ugly and slow to work with.

I think FireFox is better option for you :wink:


Will JMB work with eclipse?

Intellij IDEA provides a lot of inspections with a lot of advice, it requires good hardware to make code analysis fastly, if you don’t have a good machine, you can disable these inspections.

I didn’t make a plugin for eclipse, because I had some commercial projects about eclipse plugin development, it was very bad experience :slight_smile: But you can use jMB manually with Eclipse :wink:

Why not add an editor to your project?

It would be the ultimate jMonkeyEngine editor then right?

The official idea is something called spix. It’s design from what I can see in code (there is no documentation - it’s purely an idea and “lets take a look” code right now) is creating a universal API and to code off the back of that, and then bridge it to the IDE using a single plugin or something.

I’m all for that tbh. It makes IDE’s a nonsense and just requires spix integration, which should be a minimal plugin. One ring to rule them all, if you will.

because we want to have an editor with auto-completion, supporting different build systems(gradle/maven) and other IDE’s things. I think that integration jMB with IntelliJ IDEA is better option :slight_smile: I improve 3d editor’s things in jMB and you have great IDE’s things in IntelliJ IDEA and we have a plugin in IDEA which integrates jMB in the result.

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I don’t believe that this approach can provide integration with the engine as we have it in unity 3D editor :frowning:

Yeah. Intellij integration is great but it’s history repeating itself. The point was to irradicate that problem.

so I implement many things in jMB which has small remote API to integrate it with different IDEs, it requires lesser work to do it than in the case with spix. You can create a small plugin for netbeans/eclipse to integrate jMB with the IDE :wink:

Where does your background lie? Python? Just a passing glance at your code makes me wonder.

It’s very good from what I can see. My only criticism - and it’s an unfair one - is competition with the SDK- I would really like to see the community pulled together. You have a very solid work ethic :slight_smile:


I work on plugin API of jMB to make it easier as possible. I implemented 5 plugins for jMB to show how it can be done :slight_smile: I know that for example, @haze created a plugin for jMB for himself to integrate his own library with jMB :slight_smile: and I have good feedback about this from him.

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