PBR material oversaturated and do not reflect correctly

I am testing PBR right now on my models and I found real visual differences between JME3 and other PBR engines

edit. Oversaturation was caused by wrong gamma settings. I have fixed it with


So 2 more problems left:

  1. There is no reflections in some area (look close at the ring with triangle inside, it should show some “horizon” reflections)
  2. Real problem with normalmaps is still an issue, it is shown ontop of my model
    this issue is ralated to:
    Normal Map shading problems

Here is my model and all textures:

Nice gun btw.

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It is looks like only blurred lightprobe affecting model, no reflections from environment are calculated, even the sun is “dull”.

But if I turn on directional light, specular from directional light woukd have correct specular roughness over the mesh.


I tried to calibrate the way the env maps and their mipmaps are rendered. And to calibrate them against substance painter.
But there are still some differences, and at some point we won’t be able to have the same render since they use a different approach to create the env maps.

Oh, I see.
Btw, about speculars: I have found that specular from the lamp do not reflect when texture reach 0% rough and 100% metal (mirror)

Thats because it is a point light source, so it has no dimension and what happens at 0% roughness is correct.
There are some papers about area light sources but nothing in that regard has been implemented yet.