Private repository system for everyone (SVN & GIT)!

You will rarely see me do this, but on the rare exception that I find something really cool, extremely well done and worth it, I will publicize a service.

For 10 months now I’ve coded here at home and saved my stuff on my personal HD. During an evening something pretty bad happened that made me freak out. I started backing up my most important data but when it came to my game, I was at a loss. I could always zip the whole thing and upload it somewhere, but this isn’t something you want to do every day.

At this point I started to look for a SVN that allowed private repositories. I needed something fast, cool and offering options. I tried a couple, but the best, by a long stretch, is Unfuddle.

In case you’re wondering, no, I’m not paid to endorse them. In fact, they probably don’t even know I exist. But I do know their service and it’s top notch. You have a plethora of options, tickets, branches, milestones, etc.

The best is, for a small “team”, read one or two person, you have a FREE, as in free beer, membership option that offers 200 MB of space to store your crap on. :wink: Everything of my project is hosted there. I commit (almost daily) every change in my code and I haven’t had once a problem.

So, if you’re looking for a great place to store your code, you can code with confidence with Unfuddle.

To know more visit their website:

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250mb is very quick to fill with a SVN. :slight_smile:

But thanks for the info.

Edit: The free version is 200mb :

ozonegrif said:
250mb is very quick to fill with a SVN. :)

But thanks for the info.

Yes. With textures and stuff, I agree. But I dare you to store 250 MB of code lines. ;)

Fixed the original post…

You can have 2 people on the same project on the free package and it’s 200 MB, not 250.

Sorry about that.

@ozonegrif Yup. You ninja’d me! :confused:

…you mentioned free beer ? … I’m very interested in this, please go on…

… Thanks for this BTW, I never looked very hard, but when I did, I couldn’t find a good free provider.

thetoucher said: mentioned free beer ? ... I'm very interested in this, please go on....

Some secrets I'm not willing to share. ;)

... Thanks for this BTW, I never looked very hard, but when I did, I couldn't find a good free provider.

The other "good" (and totally free one) I found was RiouxSVN. com but space is EXTREMELY limited (50 MB) and recently the owner decided that those that were donating more would get more space, more options, more... At this point I decided to switch to unfuddle. I can't stand crap like that. I hate double-standards.

i also use the free unfuddle repo for git :P, and yeh it seems to be good, although i haven’t used any others so i can’t really make a comparison 8)

I’ve been using Drop Box since you get 2gigs for free and the files are version controlled (the versioning doesn’t add to your total as a side note so like if you have a 1gig file that you modify 3 times its still only 1 gig). Although I don’t know how many versions it goes back. The nice thing is that if you add people to your project you simply get them to make a free drop box account and add them to a folder, boom, they now have your content as well.

Plus all the other doo-dad’s and whirly gigs you have with Drop Box makes it a nice portable SVN to keep track of everything. My only gripe is that there is no way to add comments to the file like you can with Subversion… But hey. You are getting what you paid for right?

Ah. Just as an update apparently it (Dropbox) only holds the previous 30 days of changes. So if you want to revert to something several months ago you’re s.o.l.

And just because I’m looking through the help in my Dropbox account right now if you upgrade to a pro account ($9.99/mth or $99/year for 50gigs and $19.99/mth or $199/year for 100gigs) you can opt for the “Pack Rat” option which keeps all your version indefinitely.

What about googlecode actually ? for any opensorce project at least googlecode is one of the best.

The only thing that makes me a bit hesitant to use Google Code is that the last time I read their license it seemed to imply that they too have rights to access your code and what not. Again it’s been a while since I’ve read the license but that did concern me enough to just not use it at all. Perhaps its changed in which case “huzzah”.

I don’t like DropBox because it requires installation -.-, at moment i’m using Assembla :). 200 mb for storage for private free acount

EmpirePhoenix said:
What about googlecode actually ? for any opensorce project at least googlecode is one of the best.

This topic is about a private repository for free accounts :).

I used DropBox to drop my backups after I encrypted and rar passworded it.

With their recent media presence, not in a good way, dropbox is not somewhere where I’ll put my stuff unless it’s encrypted and only I have the key. Beside, it doesn’t do SVN, Git or whatnot.

As far as googlecode goes, they only do public projects and I don’t want that.

Dropbox does encrypt your files. But for your information, they also keep a copy of your private key on their servers, which means anybody working in this company can potentially access your data. Dropbox claim it’s the only way for them to be able to maintain your data through time, and restore it in case of problem.

Yeah. I’m well aware of what the can and say they can and will do. It’s for exactly that reason they got into hot (read searing) water not that long ago.

I just don’t want to take any chances. Call me paranoid if you want. :wink:

BitBucket seems to be a good option for anyone who likes Mercurial. Couldn’t easily find any information about data limitations though.

@erlend_sh I got a notification of that thread being moved to General. Where was it??? I remember choosing the general area to post it. :confused: