I was browsing reddit, and I realized jME has a subreddit!

It is obviously not popular, stacking with only 3 threads, but I wonder who made it.

Was it a fan? A contributer (my guess), and is that person still active on this forum.

I mean, is there even a chance we can revive this subreddit. It has only 3 threads, it could use more.

form the moderator name on the subreddit the one that creates it is probably @mjbmitch last Seen Oct 10, '16
he is not active in the forum any more.

If there is anyone from these forums that I ought to pass on the torch to, let me know. I’m open to granting a forum administrator or moderator ownership of the subreddit.

Not a mod or admin here, but just though I’d offer to take over the subreddit. :slight_smile:

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Loving how there are exactly 3 posts and one of them is spam. Accurate representation of the internet, sadly.

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It would be nice to revive this subreddit, and the only moderator on the subreddit is still active on reddit, so I might message him about that.

Just got contact with him, he is willing to make others mods. I’m assuming @Robbi_Blechdose and me, @Dgames_Crew are willing to moderate. Others willing to help out moderate?

Guys! Maybe create telegram channel jMonkeyEngine?

It sounds like a good idea, but we already have Slack chat, soooooooooooo :confused:

Discord Channel ?))))

  • Telegram
  • Slack
  • Discord
  • WhatsApp
  • Other (maybe ICQ :smiley: )

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An option for “none of the above” would be quite relevant. I consider forums to be quite advantageous over chat services for support - forums preserve a perfect paper trail of all questions asked and all solutions posted. Chat services do not. Besides, opening lots of extraneous communications channels (i.e., external websites) is a good way to fragment your community into groups of primarily forum-only and primarily Reddit (or other fill-in-the-blank-here site) users. It’s a little better if those are “enthusiast” pages, so to speak, but you still risk community fragmentation. For a project with a large following that might not be as much of an issue but for a community the size of jME’s I think it’s a liability.


I also forgot, there is a community run jMonkeyEngine discord server.

Use this: https://discord.gg/3gRRZVr


the sub reddit will be pretty much like WIP screenshots threads.
but with more memes :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m on Reddit basically 24/7, you can add me as a mod as well if you wish :smile: Exact same username as here.

I feel like doing some css lately as well, so making that subreddit look cool would be a possibility.

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I’m in if you want:

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This was being said on JGO aswell and I agree.

Reddit is horrible imo not a fan. See no advantages to it over this forum.

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Well actually there is one advantage - replying to comments. On Reddit you can create multiple subthreads per one post so you literally cannot do the awful clutter we usually get here when somebody wants to discuss a thing in the screenshot thread for example. These forums are great in general but utter garbage for that specific thing.

Otherwise it’s more or less the same, one central feed and persistent perserved paper trail of questions and answers. Posts are also pinnable, like here.

The only problem the subreddit has atm is that it’s about as full as the vacuum of space.

I actually prefer this way. Maybe I’m just used to it but I hate comment chains.

Idk, I feel like that every time we get to the “you should make a separate thread for this” it never gets made and lots of discussion never takes place that would’ve otherwise perhaps. This forum alternative we have here just feels disorganized.

Oh and there’s another advantage. Nobody has to pay hosting for it… :roll_eyes: