Requesting: High Quality JME Media

Since we are revamping the front page we are going to need some images and videos of all the cool things the community has made. The monthly threads are a treasure trove of course, and I’ll be shifting through them, but it isn’t going to be a 200 picture mobile-data nightmare. I’m looking for the money shots, the wow factor, the something special, the ones that will proudly sit on the front page to turn passing glances into genuine interest.

There will be at most less than 10 images and 5 videos that will be distributed front and center on the main home page and a features page.

Dimensions should be as high as you can possibly give.


I can go make some more Lightspeed Frontier screenshots if needed.


Funnily enough, I’ve been working on a video that shows off jme’s features. The idea came to me when working on converting @RiccardoBlb SSR shaders. I wanted to see how far I could take jme with the knowledge and assets I had available. Within a limited scope. The result is here:

I literally finished this yesterday. Talk about timing.

If there is interest, I might make a blog post about the process.


haha this looks great :smiley:

dino animation is not perfect, but overall is nice :smiley:

No, I suck as an animator :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s a reason for the shots I chose.

Very nice. I remembered of this television program Primeval when dinosaurs arrived via a rift in time. :slightly_smiling_face:

btw, I have a similar concept in my game but instead of dinosaurs, funny ghost comes to you :wink:

The inspiration is the kitchen scene from Jurassic Park, that and the fact I had a kitchen and dino model lying around.

ah, i just noticed, i think Dino shadows whould look much better if used something like:

dlsf.setEdgesThickness(2); //or different number, depends on world scale.

Thats what i learned myself. Because currently its too hard too much pixel difference :slight_smile:

@jayfella I have some pics from my space game but they are too large to post here. Any other way to get them to you?

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@jayfella I could provide screenshots of S-RC Bots if that’s worthy of the front page. :stuck_out_tongue:
They’d be up to 4K resolution.

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Use or something to upload them

Probably imgur. I use because for some reason my ISP randomly blocks imgur.

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Here are a few picture from my space game. Feel free to crop appropriately and use freely.


Nice. I’d really like to see some kind of open world or bloomarific scene, too, if possible. I’d like to have the main image as something open and airy I think, though the other images can/will appear too. If possible without the stats in the corner.

I can do this after I set up a few things on my game. I need to first done with landscapes and buildings and animations and NPC AI stuff to be able to set up the scene you described.

A PBR medieval island with the sea around, handpainted assets, dynamic sky, gardens and buildings on it with NPC villagers wandering around.

But I am not using JME’s terrain, it will be all with blocks.


I have a village builder prototype using jme terrain, water, etc. I’ll see if i can get some nice shots or video in the near future.


@jayfella here is one i prepared for you (with current things i got, not perfect but is :slight_smile: ):

i tried to make some of effects visible. Skybox is low quality because currently have none better.

@rickard found music you used, as i thought its free YT one “Apprehensive at Best”. i also searched one there for long time. we are too lazy to use other. ;p

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You can also use these free fantasy skyboxes:

Download link:

Available for free on unity store:


do you use SevenSky of TheLeo or you use something different in your video?

i had big problems configuring SevenSky to work nice with my filters. (it is too bright/blurry). and ofc PBR dont catch it. (while i generate envmap after its initialized)

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