SDK3.3.0 import gltf is different from SDK3.2.4

Hi everyone. I found that SDK3.3.0 has problems importing GLTF models, as follows, the effect of importing in SDK3.3.0:

And the effect of importing in SDK3.2.4:

This model is available here:childhood

Is this a serious problem with SDK 3.3.0? Does anyone know? :slightly_smiling_face:

Does it load fine if you load it from code and not the SDK?

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Hi, I just tested it.When the code is loaded, an error is reported as shown in the figure:

Is this a serious bug of the 3.3.2 API? :face_with_monocle:


  • @author JhonKkk
    public class LoadJ3oTest extends SimpleApplication{
    public static void main(String[] args) {
    new LoadJ3oTest().start();
    public void simpleInitApp() {
    Node scene = (Node) assetManager.loadModel(“Models/childhood/scene.gltf”);
    * A white, spot light source. */
    DirectionalLight lamp = new DirectionalLight(new Vector3f(-1, -1, -1), ColorRGBA.White);


3.2.4 Everything is normal, 3.2.4 PBRLighting and 3.3.2 PBRLighting have some differences, I suspect this is the reason.

Can you please test if changing renderer to LWJGL_OPENGL32 will make any difference?

In main method:

LoadJ3oTest app = new LoadJ3oTest();

AppSettings settings = new AppSettings(true);

And by the way

The same error, compile shader error, seems to refer to the GLSL code for skinning calculation.

I don’t know if my guess is correct…

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Hmm…then seems your app is somehow using an older version of JME because that error is already fixed in the below commit and should already be available in the 3.3.2-stable release.


Oh, I use SDK 3.3.0, so I use the 3.3.0 API instead of the 3.3.2 API. thanks for your hints.

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