[Solved] How to copy animation from one rig to an other same rig? [Blender]

Hi friends
I want to copy animation from the right rig in below image to left one but do not know how to do that. Can you help me with it ?
The rig in right side is exactly same as the left one [the right has animation on it but the left one has not] and both are from https://www.mixamo.com/ rig.

Tried MakeWalk plugin but it was unable to do it right.

Thanks for any help.

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Select the left hand one only, chose action editor (down where it says dope sheet), then there will be a option to chose the animation down on the bottom right of the left window… you certain you cant select it? Whenever I have done this putting both armatures in the same file worked providing they were identical.

I did as you said but i get this strange movement :

you certain you cant select it?

Sorry I did not get your question.

Tbh I’d have to see it. If you’re willing to upload to filedropper or something I’d be happy to have a look.

I meant are you sure you cannot select the animation on the armature that does not have it when the action editor is open.

What does google say about that? I doubt you’re the first one trying that.
If google can’t answer better ask this question on blender’s forum.

I uploaded it here : Dropbox - In_Progress.zip - Simplify your life
There are 4 files in it. the main character is Kachujin_G_Rosales.dae and other .dae files have no skin on them and are just animated rig .

I want apply all those animations to character rig.

I appreciate for your help .

here it says as @JESTERRRRRR mentioned : http://www.nxhlh.com/copy-animation-from-rig-to-rig/
There is also Blender Mocap tool for retargeting animation from one rig to other rig . I could copy animation to other rig with this tool but it got stretched when imported to JME. [i need to give it an other try I am sure there is a way to do this].

On screen I see femur (LeftUpLeg) is rotated in first armature and not rotated in second. Armatures are not the same - even rest position are different.

By “same” I mean both rigs have same amount of bones and bone name are also same in two rig.

Caveat: The skeleton downloaded character in Collada 1.4.1 format from Mixamo will look the same but it may be not equivalent to the original one.

There is their own importer for *.dae - try this (in step 5.).

Or you can make one long animation and cut it later in blender.

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I could not install that plugin in my blender 2.76 . can you test to see if you can ?

Yeah winhelp is right they are all totally different. I changed them from pose position to rest position and the armatures are actually built in their animations position. I don’t know how you would deal with that without re-making them, perhaps mixamo has a way though.

From what the site said I didn’t come to the conclusion the plugin would help…? Maybe I misunderstood.

Hey Guys
I could solve it . Really Glad . :grinning:
I imported models as FBX using this cool add on.
Then could easily copy animation from one rig to other using Action Editor in Blender Dope Sheet.
Using this method The rigs are imported correctly and both rigs have same T-pose with different Animation.
Thanks all of you for helping .

Oops! Now get stuck in JME.
So I imported model in FBX format with animation from Mixamo (with help of the add on i mentioned above). Every thing works fine in blender .

but in jme :

I uploaded the blender file . can you please check it ?

I think JME does not support FBX animation when I import .fbx to blender and save it as .blend. So what should i do ?

For animations you need the objects to all have 0,0,0 loc rot and scale. Select the armature, press control+a, click all location rotation and scale.

When i apply loc&ro&scl for rig the animation do not work correctlly. The scale of armatures are saved in keyframes . Please give a try to blender model above.
Should i delete all keyframes related to scale ?

Oh u blender… ergh.
Uh nah, since it’s currently scaled at 0.01, Scale it 100 (key s, 100) then do control+a → rotation to apply the rotation which is set to 90 atm. This’ll get it to 0,0,0loc rot and 1,1,1 scale which is right. Then give it a try

@JESTERRRRRR i did as you said .
but not worked unfortunately.
My blender :


Anyway, thanks a lot from you. I should return to Collada and try to find another way to apply animation from one rig to character rig.


You need apply Rot/Scale for all objects - armature, meshes etc. All of them should be at 0,0,0.
When I try to join all object in your file I have strange results even in blender.

Second time:
I scaled armature, apply scale for everything, joined all meshes, added animation to armature (in NLA editor) and exported using ogre exporter - I always use this for animations - it work.


I really do not know. I copied the files in my blender add on folder but it did not appears in my add on list in blender (also tried “Install From File” options in blender user preference) but no thing added to file → import menu .
May be it is because i use Blender 64 bit or “Collada 1.4.1 Importer for Blender 2.49b_win32” is not supported in blender 2.76 . if you could install it please let me know how to do it .