Submit your project footage for a jME showcase video

Any results of this (except MoffKalast’s one)?

Yes I believe there was an official video made by @erlend_sh. I have no idea where once could find it though…

I believe this was it:


Yep it was this I think. I found it on youtube too.

Oh no. I just found this. Is this open any more? I JUST made a video today for this.

Well no rush mate, you’re just like a year and a half late.

I vaguely recall another similar thread recently but I don’t think more than one person submitted anything so it’s probably been closed or postponed.

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I think you mean this:

I think a lot of people are slightly concerned about releasing footage too early and missing the hype train on release. It’s not like the games and demos aren’t there, it’s just a bit of a delicate situation for some.

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