Transparency issue with multiple blocks

Hi! I’m learning to use jMonkey and everything was going well until I started messing with transparent materials.
I’ve created a mini voxel world with some blocks in it but I have a problem rendering water correctly. I’ve red a lot of posts about it and tried different solutions but nothing…

Uhmm I can’t post images so I’ll link them…

This is what I want my water to look like:

The problem is that it only looks good from that perspective. If I move the camera a little bit the following happens:

I hope you guys can help me. Thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

anyway, it looks like its not voxel based world, imo voxel would be enough for you to solve it.

voxel would make them not blocks, but one geometry without not needed vertices/faces

see links like:

i know there was topic about best voxel library, so you might want look there:

looks like GitHub - roboleary/GreedyMesh: Greedy meshing for complex voxel data would be ok?

That greedy mesh thing looks like it could work just fine. Thanks!!

It’s not even about greedy meshes… though that’s also good.

You are rendering all of the invisible faces… which is like 2x 3x or more times more faces than you need.

The key to remember is that block worlds are not made of cubes.