What are the game studios that heavily use JMonkeyEngine?

I just wonder which companies/game studios use the engine for 3D commercial games?

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usually companies/game studios do not share that information until they must (is in license/etc) - not to mention often they use own engines

but no worry, there are still no AAA games in JME (at least i know none)

There is very known Minecraft(tho it was also not AAA) in LWJGL (where JME is just over LWJGL + api/tools)

Other made games are small studios. There were videos of some bigger games, but i dont seen studio names, but it was also longer time ago. I belive large studios are afraid to use non-common engines. (tho its very nice to have open-source, no tax, good license engine like JME where can do any game, some smaller studio would just need show its greatneess to others by doing something bigger :wink: )

Even if you just look at how many games have been made with Java overall… Very small percentage. If we define game that has been officially distributed and acquired by over 1000 people. It is just not so popular choice. Sometimes it is surprising since not all declare that it is made with Java and you don’t see it (which… is… a good thing). Let alone the engine.

But everything is certainly possible. It hardly is the engine or the language that limits one.

That being said, some indie releases in Steam exists that are made with jME. A huge milestone to actually finish a game.

Some releases:


Some more

(although they’re moving to Unity now, I think)

@tonihele You missed the third in the trilogy :wink:


On purpose because if I understood correctly, also moved to other engine.

EDIT: ah, seems that that one still Java so, jME…

I think it was post 5089, but I’m not sure.
On Steam at least it says: “5089 uses Java 8 & 64-bit runtimes are included. If you have trouble running or questions about 5089, please post in the forum!”

Looks like the Rising World started transition to Unity at 2019.

Skullstone is a must buy when it finally comes :stuck_out_tongue:

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There’s actually a 4th made with jme:

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well, JME can have really good looking graphics, but all this above examples are just bad graphics ones. Your media examples Rickard were much better visually :slight_smile:

Tho game is game, i really like Rimworld for example, and its not even 3d game.

@tonihele 2 of your links were unable to load for me. Maybe steam block them for my country idk. Can you re-post links as texts below them too?

The best :stuck_out_tongue:

I added the actual links to the end lazily. These are at least genuine jME games. As Rising World is not anymore. For good graphics CHAOS - In the Darkness and Skulltone seems to be the spearhead. CHAOS just seemed to have really rough start and maybe the early bugs completely plagued the release :frowning:

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yes, best from list, still graphics can be 3x better even for them. But ofc it require more work / better assets. I understand its not easy for small studios for a good assets too.

You forgot light speed frontier, i tracked this game a lot on the forums, also a lot of gamers of youtube has reached this game (they do tutorials too on it), really love the graphics and the tactics and it was made by a game studio (i believe some people are here from the old team).


That and Mythruna!!


Part of the LSF team here, tho we were sadly never a proper studio, even though marketing materials would suggest otherwise.

Early access was a commercial flop and would need a huge rework to get it into a state ready for full release, which just kinda never happened. I’ll use this opportunity to ping @MoffKalast with my famous line: “LSF when?” :smiley:


Sorry to hear this, at least there would be a come back, your work was inspirational, it cannot be thrown away that easily…there are really better opportunities, at least i think an annual work cannot hurt…

Another commercially released game (all be in it early access)


[This one is mine]

[edit; these embedded links end up showing just from including the link to the steam page raw in your post. Even though the preview doesn’t look like thats going to work. Don’t try to use the iframe embedding code from steam]


Just remove the ending forward slash “/” :sweat_smile:

looks fun, the problem is there are many games with same/similar idea.

I think it could use some additional “the goal of the game”. Just building is not enough, or maybe it have more things to do, but based on description it sounds like it only focus on vehicle/etc building where there were many games like this with additional their own additional “the goal of the game”

Just as a player i would say that it lack of something, similar like you would have racing game without AI/multi.

Maybe description is just wrong, because in video i see some fights/etc but idk what it is about in general. I mean, is it kind of peacefull game, or survival or what exactly.

just to mention Lightspeed Frontier that is also about building mobile space ships, but it have much more goals/funcitonalities in the game. The core itself here looks fun, but it looks like it lack of content/goals in game.

I’m curious. What’s with all the “windows only” games? Shouldn’t it be easy to make it cross-platform with jme? Or is it a steam thing?

Mine is only windows only while in early access to reduce the testing burden. It actually works fine in linux which the full release will have

Stream is happy enough with linux and mac (I’ll probably never support mac for testing reasons even though i expect it would work there too)

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