Windows 10 Home edition sucks!

I just need to rant and let off a little steam.

I have a lap top that has Linux Installed. It’s basically a glorified netbook. The only game application that I use under Linux is League of Legends. Unfortunately it doesn’t run well on a low spec computer using WINE. I got a fresh copy of Windows 10 home solely for the purpose of playing League of Legends.

I installed windows and League no problem. The only issue is it wouldn’t let me install .net 2/3.5 but no big deal because 4.6 works with league and has back compatibility.

I decided I wanted to install visual studio for working on a side code project. I can install visual studio but I can’t install any previous .net framework on my computer. I need 2 and 3.5 to edit my code without those the code is useless.

As it turns out Microsoft in all their wisdom decided the home version would only come with .net 4.6 (after all it is backwards compatible /sarcasm). They also decided to limit the user policy that allows you to install older versions of software.

No big deal I can just edit the user policy … right … nope. The user policy editor does’t come with home edition. Okay I’ll just change the registry. Once again nope. The user policy is also removed from the registry editor. My only option at this point is to install some shady third party software that probably is spyware or make changes to the code of the windows core policy dll through code which can potentially brick the system.

What happened to Microsoft ? Their system used to be so awesome and give you full access to everything even potentially system breaking stuff. I feel like Microsoft has gone down hill and is babying their users. Turning into a dummy point and click system.

/end rant

I cannot give you any hope but, coming from MacOSX after 7 years of Windows absence, do you think Windows 10 Pro is better?

I’m still using XP and 7 and I’m happy. I don’t see the reason to use newer version.


I use Ubuntu and I’m happy :slight_smile:


I’d avoid it if you can. It’s not a bad operating system for basic use. My biggest beef is they stripped away some of the advanced features then they introduced some new command tools which give the possibility to elevate permissions back door. Windows 10 was 1 step forward 2 steps back.

Im still at Win 7 and likely will never upgrade


Phew, too bad my new system has already been ordered and has Win 10 Pro installed.
I haven’t used Windows for ages though and cannot tell anything about the new version. Maybe you’ll see me verbally exploding here, maybe you won’t. :thinking:

Just as a hint you can’t turn off auto updates anymore. You have to set your wifi connection to metered or else it will force update and even then occasionally it does it anyways. Windows 10 does as it pleases.

Niiiice… :rolling_eyes:

And automatically re-boot itself without asking you if its a good time. Very rude to the virtualbox instances that you have chugging along doing their own thing. You can schedule ‘Downtimes’ when this behavior would be less objectionable, but that assumes you have a set schedule for that sort of thing…

First off I’ll say Windows 7 FTW. I’ve had it on my main rig for years now and I’m very glad I nuked the update part of it when the GWX annoyance appeared.

On the other hand I’ve had a Win 10 laptop (Asus G771jw) for half a year now and I can say that Win 10 (Home I think) is far superior for laptops.

The overall os is faster, boot time is uncomparable (about 5-10 minutes to fully working order on my main pc and the laptop is up and about in like 15 seconds) and the command prompt is like 10x faster.

A few weeks after I got it it forced an update on shutdown and after that I disabled the update service. Not a single update or disruption since :smiley:

Then again I’m really sort of a light user on Win 10, pretty much only Eclipse, a few image editors, and steam games.

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Im using windows 10 and its so fast… (before I used win seven but its going to slow)

Im happy because :
in our country every software is free (there is no copy right).
so there is not any difference between ms win or linux price …

Wut. Do you live in Turkmenistan or somewhere?

exactly somewhere!


In general, the home editions of Windows are for non-computer types like grandmothers. It’s even worse than having a company-provided locked-down version of windows.

As a developer, definitely go “Pro” or don’t bother.

That said, I’m still on XP and Windows 7 here. :slight_smile: (Both “pro”)

My glorified netbook only has 32gb hard drive pro won’t quite work. I still have 7 ultimate on both my desktops along with a dual boot linux mint.

Well I’m staying at Win7 and Ubuntu. I boot up whichever one I feel like it, but for actually coding I feel like Ubuntu is better.

But I’m staying away form the Win10 bs for as long as I can.

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The problem is that home edition is usually preinstalled on everything, so unless you’re building a pc from the ground up you’ll likely already have it. And the pro version costs $80 more.

Also, I think that Ubuntu is better option for “grandmothers” than windows :slight_smile:

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Only as long as you prevent them getting access to the terminal :smiley:
But otherwise sure, it has everything grandmas need and also it’s free.