Would a game like this be possible?

Hello All! This is my first thread here in the JMonkeyEngine Forums. I would like to know if a game like this be possible in JMonkeyEngine.

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Short answer: This is an engine. Invest enough time, and you can do anything you want with it.


Yeah, definitely!

And a good deal of that is directly supported in the engine:

  • Heighmap-based terrain
  • Physics

Just have a look at the car demo provided in the examples that come with the engine.

I have invested some time into jMonkey, right into the cars and you can look here what I have made.

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Softbody physics will be something you will have to get your head around. But you know, for all the engines out there, “support” is just a fancy word for “example of implementation” really. Unity is probably the best drag n drop engine.

From my understanding jME comes with softbody right?

I’m not sure was the work ever finished or even meant to be in JME, but there was some guy doing soft body stuff about a year ago. Search the forums :slight_smile: