Changes since 2014

Hello there. I had a loong break from jme3.

Could someone to say in short what has changed since 2014? :slight_smile:

i mean something i should know(for example “you should now use A instead of B because A is new and faster”)

Perhaps it would be easier if you make a list of everything that you know jME3 does, and we can tell you which items have changed.


just noticed that i need to re-save most of material files otherwise i got errors like “Caused by: The material parameter: Minnaert is undefined.”

@thetoucher dont be so harash :wink: am i not welcome here?

There were some changes to how cloning works iirc. Lately we got a PBR shader, but it’s still a pain to get it working. It does make everything look a lot nicer though.

Of course you are welcome =)

Perhaps start by looking over Releases · jMonkeyEngine/jmonkeyengine · GitHub, it makes a pretty concise list of features. Then we can answer any more specific questions you may have.

Thanks for info :slight_smile: PBR shader is something awesome.

@thetoucher you are right, i forgot we have a nice human readable changelog on releases. just noticed cloning fixes there.

i just wanted to get some important changes that affect my old projects(like one i said) and also wanted say hello so i wrote this post :slight_smile:


LWJGL 3 has happened. Though not used by default but the support is there and easy to start using it.
Instancing has happened. Lighting changes (single-pass vs multi-pass etc.). All the good stuff.

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Now is an interface, not an abstract class. implements Application, and SimpleApplication extends LegacyApplication.

This makes many libs (like jme3-ai, toneg0d-gui, etc ) which were built on jME3.0 become imcompatible.

And now we use more than

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