jMonkeyEngine 3.1.0 Stable (engine) has been uploaded

So, the 3.1 stable release has been uploaded which, other than a version change, is the same as beta4. This is the announcement that most of you will care about because it means you can go ahead and start using it. It’s up on bintray/jcenter and up on github.

I’ve walked this release through most steps of its later life and I don’t have time to compile proper user-friendly release notes. Expect a more formal and shinier announcement soon, I hope. Even the current github page is a bit of a placeholder:

…but if you want to see the whole giant 3.0 - 3.1 changelog, you can hit it there or at this link:

(email addresses removed to protect us all from spambots)

Further fixes on the 3.1 branch will go through a much more rapid release cycle. For example, if a 3.1.1 is needed then it will collect patches then go straight to 3.1.1-rc1. Presuming that stands then we’ll go straight to 3.1.1-stable.

This is to assuage any fears that 3.1 is somehow static now and no bugs will be fixed… because I know there are probably still issues with 3.1 for some folks.

For the folks that put power in a name, now our stable code has a stable name and we can stop talking about that. :slight_smile:


:slight_smile: finally people get a “Stable” one.

I uploaded to some web-disk in China for Chinese monkeys.

Thanks to @jayfella , now we can download from google drive.
Google drive

Awesome! Thanks devs!

Thanks from all developers for making this cool engine. :heart:

Thanks devs!

Thank you guys for putting so much effort into this engine!

Also thanks to the whole community for always being ready to support people who have problems and questions!

You guys are just great! :+1:

Hi! I’m that guy :smiley:
Congrats to all the devs!

Congratulations with the new release.

Thanks for all the hard work.

Congratulations to the developers for the new release!!!
Thanks for your work!!!

Thank you devs. Great work.

Thank you devs :slight_smile: you all rock

Awesome work developers! We all can’t thank you enough!

Thanks for all the thanks !!
It really helps keeping motivation high :wink:


Thank you devs for your awesome work!

Thank you jmonkey team. Great work as usual <3

Thank you for all of your hard work JME team! I really, really appreciate it!

Thanks for the hard work. I can’t imagine how much work you’ve put in this engine. Congratulations for having created an awesome game engine!


I couldn’t find the one for Linux. Please help.


The SDK I presume? The SDK is not maintained by the core team as such anymore, but is maintained by contributors with help from the core team as and when necessary. I believe they are a little behind the engine releases right now trying to solve some build time issues.

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Wow, thank you.