Example Games with Source-Code for learning

Hello everyone :smile:

I am using jMonkeyEngine for some months yet and was curious if there are any bigger example games with source code made with jmonkey. I am working on a bigger project at the moment and wanted to see how other solved some common problems, e.g. clever usage of controls and appstates, maybe messaging systems, handling bigger terrains and so on. I already have solutions for that in my project but I think my code is pretty unflexible at the moment. I already looked some things up (mokeyzone, general code design, …) but it wasn´t the kind of source code/code design I was looking for. So do you guys know some useful sources of inspiration?

Thx in advance :wink:

http://jmonkeyengine.org/showcase/ Look in this page,some are open source.

Really? But where is the source code? If I click on one of those there´s just a link to the website of the respective game.

Ahh ok sry, some indeed are open source :wink:

Are there any other sources too? I am struggling a bit on how to effectivly use Controls and AppStates. Any examples on that somewhere?

This one was very useful to me at the start, it is not a real game, but it utilize control and appstate, not sure if it the optimum or not but it is a good start


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Thanks i am definitly looking into that one :wink:
Further sources are appreciated.

A few of my open source tools are full up JME apps and show how to use app states and stuff:

There are also Zay-ES examples that you can find… Asteroid Panic and Monkey Trap.

It turns out that I use controls minimally in my ES-based applications but there are some usage. I use a lot of app states as I find it a very nice service model.


Wow thanks for that one. That definitely shows a lot about AppStates :wink:
Especially those VersionedReferences seem pretty useful.

Most of my projects are simple small projects.

They aren’t that great but I’ll bet you can find what you’re looking for. They should all be cross-platform to Android as well.

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Thanks thats exactly what I was looking for, really useful. I´ll look deeper into that one when I have more time. Thanks :wink:

There was a game project for this exact purpose done by @ndebruyn with some assistance from me and others.

I don’t know what state the source code is in right now. I’m pretty sure it still targets 3.0.

Wow that´s great :smile:
I really like the games structure, and I like the used galago framework (com.bruynhuis.galago). Any hint on where I can find it? :wink:

Are there any example of android games source codes. I really need some examples how to use touch control and how to code for android on jme.

Hi @jen_sen,

There is no real difference between coding for PC and coding for android.

You can use all the normal code such as the MouseButtonTrigger. Check for Left mouse button.

If you want to use the RawInputListener.

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If you look at my reply from higher up my Github contains my projects.

Most are cross platform to Android.

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Also note: depending on what you are trying to do with touch… if it is somehow interacting with a UI then the Lemur UI library supports multi-touch “out of the box”, so to speak. Like, you can drag one slider with one finger while you drag another slider with another.

This picking event model is also usable on its own without the GUI parts.

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Lemur library? never heard of it but it sounds interesting. Where can i learn more about it.

Thanks BigBob for your projects it will be fun to study them :smile: :heart_eyes:

Hi friend :hand:

1: http://hub.jmonkeyengine.org/forum/topic/lemur-gems-1-inputmapper-based-camera-movement/

2: http://hub.jmonkeyengine.org/forum/topic/lemur-gems-2-inputmapper-delegates/

3: Lemur Gems #3 : Scene picking

4: Lemur Gems #4 : Simple Mesh Deformation

Complete NEWBIE here to the jmonkey engine.

I’m looking for and would suggest to the developers that, the “basicGame” that the IDE instructs us to setup first, should be configured to use either opengl v1 or v2 .

As a newbie, i installed, setup the basicgame, decided to test run the project, only to see an error with opengl version.

I did the driver update, didn’t help, my dell POS is old like me and doesn’t support opengl v2, but instead has opengl v1.4 installed.

Left scratching my head and wondering i can even use jmonkey, i searched and found references online and in the jmonkey GUI help.

Problem is, i’m a newbie and being forced to edit the code that i don’t completely understand…

my search suggests that the engine can be used with opengl v1 IF it’s configured to do so.

Does a version of the “basic game” exist where i can select the version of opengl to use ( maybe a pop-up at run time ) informing me that opengl v2 isn’t supported, click this [button] to configure and run using opengl v1 instead.

seems to me the default “basicgame” should be configured this way from the get go… seeing that i almost uninstalled thinking my computer graphics card wasn’t compatible, but turns out ( only through searching and using specific settings) that it mite still work ! .

If such a project exists, please link me up ! .

JME doesn’t support OpenGL 1 anymore because JME is a shader-based engine and OpenGL 1 doesn’t support shaders at all.