Instructional videos for wiki and jME promotion

Ok, so the “tip jar”?

in light of the whole “free” AAA engines thingies

We know that they give “free” copies of Maya, PhotoShop, Visual Studio, et al to colleges (plus the bribe … er grant… moneyz) to get college folks hooked on their platforms so that they will naturally congregate towards using $100+ copies of paid software licenses after they get into the professional industry.

We could never really compete with that… lol

We could improve the brand recognition factor through well prepared videos, though.

Why not use the “tip jar” for cool videos from video type artists? :chimpanzee_closedlaugh:

I’ll continue to pump out my videos, as that the only real weakness of jME is the whole “Heres how to use it” type documentation for Rank Newbies to (Game Programming) let alone (Java). I can’t really do coordinated stuff with @normen to help him out with jME doc, as that I don’t know how he would like assistance in that regard.

I guess I should just say:
Hey, Normen! Would you like some use-case videos for the Wiki? I would target the 3.1 platform when it is available for stable as a downloadable sdk install. That said, I still think I want to make my video game first, but I can certainly help out for fun to rest from actual code.

meh, anyways, I’ve spent enough time playing on the forum for one day. I’ll head back to my coding on DarkMonkey for more amusement. :smile:

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So, you’re saying two things here.

  1. We should be paying artists to do something to do with videos
  2. You’ll be making videos yourself.

So my question is: Where does this paid artist come in? The most important part is the quality of the instructional material (accuracy, brevity, relevancy et.ceteracys). Good production value is nice, but it comes second.

I’d be up for spending some money on this over time if you can come up with good specific uses for it though, e.g. a background track you want to license or a transition animation you’d like to use.

Hope I’m not coming off too cold. I really like the idea of more instructional videos! I wanna see this happen. So how about, while we wait for others to voice their opinions, why don’t you tell us what kind of videos you have been thinking about making to best serve our budding jMonkeys?

I strongly think that jmonkey needs a lot of video love. I think the summer of code project on creating an example game would be good. The last video uploaded to the jmonkey yoytube channel was 3 years ago, and that may be putting off a lot of potential users. Marketing is really what jmonkey needs right now, and that article you wrote erland is good for us. I used unity for a while and the instructional content out there for it is just uncomparable. Ive never seen anything like it. Unfortunately, we just need people to volunteer with good video editing skills, podcasting skills and software. And lots of time :smile:

Yeppers, you’ve probably noticed that I make a lot of youtube videos. It has to do with the business model I operate on in regards to my game, Iteag. So, let’s tackle those questions, in order then! :smile:

  1. I currently believe I suck at making videos. There are people out there that are awesome at making videos. Those are the people to pay for making awesome videos, if you want to use the “tip jar” for that.

and yes, that is completely separate from me.

  1. ← Why is that not a “2”? I make videos as part of the whole Iteag thing. Iteag has yet to be declared here at the forums, due to the fact that I’ve been too busy/distracted, elsewhere. In short, the videos I make are targeting “educational” and “with the resources I have available” and are free.

So, yeah, all this “weird behavior” from me is actually attached to a steam Greenlight:

and most everything is at:

But the bit that applies to jMonkeyEngine is specified by:

So, yes. By the rules that I bind upon myself, I will naturally be helping out, as much as I can, for free. :sunglasses:

Honestly, the only thing I could think of that I would want would be a Video Editing program that I could understand, and someone to soundboard off of to “am I making any sense?”

But I’ll make a point of announcing Iteag over here at the forums, once I finish up w/ DarkMonkey.

edit: I guess I should boil it all down to this statement: “I’m tired of hearing people whine about Suicide Indie Dev Projects and Software Accessibility and all that… Wanna make a great game? FINE! Here’s EXACTLY how I did it.” :laughing:

further edit: Lol, though I won’t be able to actually say that until I’m done with my project and actually have achieved that success.

further further edit: oh, I guess I should mention that I probably make better sense of it all on my Patreon page… at least until I get Iteag announced over here.

[quote=“Relic724, post:4, topic:31901”]
Honestly, the only thing I could think of that I would want would be a Video Editing program that I could understand,
[/quote]OK, so what video editing programs have you looked at? You’re on Windows, so you can get Movie Maker for free, right? I don’t know how comprehensive it is, but in my experience with iMovie I’ve found that it suffices plenty for projects such as these.

There’s also the option of dual-booting Ubuntu on to your computer, as there is actually a surprising amount of high quality video editors available for Ubuntu/Linux. (Oddly enough the winner of this mini-review is Blender. Funny, since they’re not renowned for their intuitive interface, but worth a shot I guess).

I’m not trying to wiggle out of any spending here, but in my experience with video editing programs you make due with the free stuff or you pay in the hundreds (Final Cut Pro).

Edit: Lightworks does look kinda promising though.

[quote=“Relic724, post:4, topic:31901”]
and someone to soundboard off of to “am I making any sense?”
[/quote]I’m sure there are several of us willing to provide feedback if we can just get this properly off the ground first.

yeah, np. I haven’t looked at any of the recent options for video editing software, recently.

The windows Movie Maker that I looked at limits video clips to “1 minute 30 seconds”. You can do still frames of pictures for as long as you like though. :wink:
Ubuntu is great, I’ve worked with it… and due to the fact that I’m on a wireless network that I’ve constructed … I was stopped by PITA when trying to obtain a driver for my netgear wireless adapter… I could not access the storage (and I am in an environment that really doesn’t play friendly with wired situations… I won’t go into more detail than “pets and pests”)

and yes, you are correct in your experience with video editing programs… I happened to see that too :dizzy_face: no, do not spend money on my account. I am perfectly fine with my “shoot from the hip” format, and if you remember the:

is the format I would actually try to provide for @normen.

as for the second point, awesome! :smile: Yes, that would be invaluable.

Just edited it in so you might have missed it. See Lightworks mentioned above. Looks good. Apparently it’s got pretty high spec requirements though.

Awesome! Checking it out on my hardware now! :heart_eyes:

@nehon, er… I’ll be playing with this toy, for a little bit… er… rather than… the final bug hunt… make sure to blame @erlend_sh gratuitously for it… :laughing:

yeah… I want to try to make the second video for the DevBlog Bug Hunt with it to test it and my computer…

Later all!
I’ll be resurfacing with something … here in a couple of days…

I moved a post to a new topic: Where did the feature tour go?

Might be worth checking out DaVinci Resolve as well at DaVinci Resolve 18 | Blackmagic Design

Haha, cool!

I’m already hooked though… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I will say that I’m enjoying the “carp” out of Lightworks…

The first two are what I needed … the third… well … cute lady. I mean GREEN SCREEN! yes, green screen! that’s what it was… :laughing:

I will check out davinci resolve right quick though…

edit: hehehe… eh… hehe…
at the bottom…
this is just a “plugin” for another editor… isn’t it?
and looks to have a 1k price tag… or a… 30k price tag…
er… :sweat_smile:

DaVinci Resolve 11 is a full editing program and the Lite version is free to download and use. Still very powerful.

Oh, OK!

Cool, thanks for the heads up! :grinning:

My 2c, blender as a video editing mode (VSE).
The best tuto I saw about VSE: Blender Video Editing (2014-2015)

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^^ BEST. NO. EVER. Where did you find that one!? well, obviously Youtube… Good Find, @normen. :laughing:

@david_bernard_31 : it certainly is powerful, however, it does not look to be something that I can easily understand. This would be for my learning for later on… but not something that I can intuitively/easily jump into. oh… and yes, it is free.

Blender is probably best suited as a video editor for people who are already comfortable with it.

As far as alternatives to After Effects goes though, Blender is probably as good as it gets. But that’s polish stuff, i.e. not relevant at this point.

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In fact, VSE was my first real use of blender before Modeling :slight_smile: . The linked videos were a big help, ease to follow and to apply (far better than the online doc). But VSE has also some limitations.

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Hi all,

It’s me from “Derp land”. I got seriously sidetracked for a couple of weeks learning Lightworks and playing Dwarf Fortress to record video to play with. It’s springtime here in Goodwell, so for the past week I’ve been refraining from jumping into code so that I can attempt house cleaning for spring. My house is more organized now and I’ve caught up on a lot of pending IRL tasks. WOOT! I’m back on task for getting stuff rolling on the video side of things…

@nehon or @erlend_sh, what font would you like me to use for the JME video splash screen? I would like to use the font that is on the 3.0…

but yeah, I’m cobbling stuff together with what I’ve learned thus far… I want to make sure that y’all have a copy available at core if it turns out well. edit: I guess I should ask: What is the name of the font used?

Game on,