Last 3.0 Stable SDK Download

Hi there,

Where can I find the latest production 3.0 SDK Download.

All my Android applications are on 3.0 and I need access to the full IDE and SDK

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Since the site is down and we might not even have a Backup of the Files you have to rely on some User uploading it.

Keep the Security implications in mind though.

LOL, WTF. “not even a backup” of the only thing that made jME 3 great and reliable.

My current choice: Read Rickard’s book on jME 3.0 and try to finish my project -or- start learning Unreal Engine and switch back to C++ again. Might burry my jME-dreams before having made my first real game. The community here is very unorganized and the software is often hackish and bugged (because there is no code review and no testing of core features).
If I decide for Unreal, I shall report back my experience with their community and engine which takes 5% of all income and forces you to use C++. Maybe those 5% is way more worth it than dealing with all that chaos I found here.

I uploaded the 3.0 stable version for Windows 64 bit.
Dropbox - JMonkeyEngine 3.0 Stable - Simplify your life

I was just uploading jME 3.0 (Stable) when you posted that topic :slight_smile:

I can’t agree with you! In my opinion this community is just great and very helpful. It’s totally wrong to call the community “unorganized” and the software “bugged”. Furthermore the developers can’t do anything about it when the guy who is hosting the jME website just vanished!

That’s how things work for these kinds of project, if you find a bug you try to fix it. If everybody thought like you, 99% of opensource projects would be already dead.
If you want to have the bugs promptly fixed for you, you’d better to switch to a paid-ish/commercial engine like unreal, lumberyard, cryengine, source, unity … etc…


Hmmm yeah but it feels a little strange that even after weeks there is no possibility to get the old currently only stable version :wink: That will scrae people away. at least this easiness brought me to JME and Java :wink:
But yeah I personally will not switch JME :smile: Love at the first sight. And I could easily port my stuff to JME 3.1 mostly only some minor thing which did not work at the first try. And the SDK for JME 3.1 is just cool. Loading blender files including animation? Works! Quickly check if your imported model looks like you want it? no problem withe the model/scene inspection view…

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I’m not sure if it is still in the repository, but, if it is it wouldn’t be too hard to go on GitHub to download and compile an old commit before the 3.0 transition.

EDIT: Looks like there is a 3.0 branch with an sdk directory: jmonkeyengine/sdk at 3.0 · jMonkeyEngine/jmonkeyengine · GitHub

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I plan to switch to 3.1 unfortunately my old games are dependent on libraries that rely on older versions and are currently not being updated.

New projects I make will be on 3.1 but I’ll have to attempt to maintain my old ones somehow.

I only can’t seem to compile my Android applications in the 3.1 SDK.

Not having a website is just one strong sign of the “unorganized” way of this community. The problem goes much deeper. I tried to overcome the problem by turning that one wiki page into something useful - and now even the wiki is 404 (another low point in the history of this unorganized community). I also tried to make software that would attract and teach new users (it’s now 50% complete and my heart is bleeding because now I have to look for a better engine with a better organized community and support). No one cares about newbs, no one shares basic technology into the core, nothing is done to maintain the several libraries that improved jME, too few people and more and more running away and the attractivity of the community is falling rapidly.

Before, jME was just a nice and appealing engine. Now the amateurish nature of this whole project and its overall low quality are getting more and more obvious. I admire those who are able to work under these conditions and can deliver nice screenshots and (sometimes) publish a game or two. I now feel forced to learn C++ again and yet another scripting language, in order to get what I need to do my work. A big throwback and a big disappointment.

It’s not the only open source software that is amateurish. I recently switched from Open Office to Libre Office because of all those software crashes and the poor feature set. After having worked one month with it, I feel like I’ve switched from a dead horse to a half-dead camel. Excel and Word were way better and much more stable, more than 10 years ago. And now I understand my former superior who said “open source is bad”.

It’s a pity that the idea of open source does not lead to anything better than these kinds of situations. I hope that things might change again some day. Until then I will need to use pro software to not get worried by basic things like these. Such a pity…

IMO what plagues the community is complaining users…

The wiki works… just click on the damn link.
I’m working on a new home page…
meanwhile you complain…

So please, yes… go use another software…


I strongly disagree about at least this point. I’ve asked lots of silly questions and got lots of knowledge and advices in return.

Grrr… :rage:

lol idk the 99% of the software i use is opensource and it works fine for me, even libre office.
Maybe the issue is something else here…

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I worked at a job once where the finally-ex-wife showed up, said the company was hers, changed the locks and took over. I’d been working there for all of a month at the time. The other main developer left with the original boss and we were left to pick up the pieces and try to keep the business running delivering digital product, hardware rollouts, etc. to various customers.

Suffice it to say, things were quite hairy for a while and it took us a few weeks to get to any kind of sane day-to-day operation. And we were getting paid for that.

So, I don’t care how organized you are, if you gut the important people from an organization there is going to be scrambling. And it’s FUCKING patently ridiculous to expect otherwise. Just crazy insane bitching.

When the community manager disappears to do other things, the web developer who-had-the-inside-info-on-our-shady-server deal vanishes, and the other ‘was involved in the web setup heavily for a while but now is super busy and doesn’t have all of the keys anyway’ doesn’t have much time for us… things are going to suffer. Things were pretty organized… and that part of the organization left. What are the rest of us supposed to do?

If you think that every one of us should have had our hands fully in all of those pies then you need to sit very hard on a pine cone until you see things differently. It’s a completely ludicrous notion and a sign that you have never been a part of an organization of more than one person.

“Sorry honey, I can’t take you to your chemo appointment because our web guys left and SomeoneOnTheInternet is pissed off about it.”


I need jME 3.0 SDK Linux 64 bit latest stable anyone can upload or something to help me?

I have the jME 3.0 SDK Linux 64 and I can upload it as soon as I get back home from work in eight hours or so.

You guys are doing a great work on jME, despite the disorganization and chaos on the website. I know things will get better with time and until then I hope you won’t demotivate with bad comments of angry users. Keep up the good work!

Did you ever think on being sponsored by The Apache Foundation? I mean, I know that as a foundation they can’t really sponsor anyone, but if you donate jME to Apache I believe you can still work on the code and in return you would have a reliable website with people working on it as you worry about what is really important, jME itself.

Also, jME would have more notoriety and more people would contribute with code and documentation (CoPDoC) since there is a renowned entity behind it. The only thing is that perhaps the license would have to change from BSD to Apache, but I don’t think they are much different, are them? Take a look at the Apache Incubator rules, it might be interesting.

I don’t know, just my two cents.

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Fixed it. See? now updating the web site is just as complicated as making a git commit/push.


I’m glad my humble post has generated such discussion and a working website.

For everyone’s information I have decided to work with 3.1 and am making the change.

Just having some asset trouble as per my other post if you friends wanna check it out.

Thanks for reading.

I think that the website would have come even without this discussion…