Problem in using xbuff to export a chain of tank

in blender it shows good and correctly…
but when I export it as a xbuf file and convert it in j3o to play movement animation it just moves in X axis not in its path…

can you help me?

this my raw model file:
and this is what I do before export:

@david_bernard_31, any insight?

It’s better if you describe the workflow.

A couple of threads on the topic of xbuf and animations:

Im using array modifier to multiply chain and a curve modifier to move chain parts in a path…
and I used to change X Location value in transform panel to move the chain around the curve . It shows correctly in blender but when I push it as a nla strip and export it to .xbuf model , I cant play it in jme…

so I want to know how to do this? curve modifier is not working in xbuf?

and I try to use constraint > Follow Path but just one part of chain will moves and export correctly and I could play it in jme…
I mean using array modifier not effected correct with Follow Path in Constraint.
or tell me how to use arrays and Follow Path?
or is it possible to join two nla strips? with a name? strip1 + strip 2 = strip3 ? and when I set the anim channel to strip3 then plays strp1 and strp2 at the same time?

Blender supports a lot of things that different export formats simply have no concept of. I would expect the array modifier to also not export properly. Typically i would apply all modifiers! Then apply/bake all animations such that they are all in the dope sheet.

can you explain me that how to make a tank chains motion in blender and export it into j3o step by step?