Project Kickstarter Utility

Since unfortunately @nehon is now retired and it doesn’t sound like that’s going to change any time soon :frowning: , I’ve been thinking of “rebooting” this project with some expanded features. However, the lack of any mention of license on the repo is an issue. This is a shame because there’s some good stuff in there that’d be going to waste.

Does anyone know if nehon ever mentioned licensing, or if he gave a go-ahead for others to create derivatives? Or should I just start from ground zero if I were to work on this? (I was going to anyway, then I remembered this existed, so that’s no big deal.)

If I do go forward, some ideas/changes I’d likely look at are…

  • BSD-3 license (same as JME’s)
  • Similar template based approach
  • Expanded feature set:
    • Optional dependency selection for Gradle build config (i.e. as libgdx has, checkboxes for dependencies such as bullet, lwjgl2/3, terrain, etc. as well as 3rd party dependencies such as jme-jfx-11?)
    • Possibly some optional code generation to allow for additional flexibility beyond templates?
  • Tempate additions
    • Standard JME Test template (in a futile attempt to standardize test PRs a bit, and encourage some best practices, in collaboration with others here)
    • Template(s) for examples?
    • Possibly template(s) to make creating reproducible bug-report examples less painful (just some un-vetted ideas so far, may scrap this if not helpful enough)
  • New JavaFX UI (partly because I just can’t go back to Swing willingly, partly for new features like bindings and CSS)
  • Name change
  • “JME-like” JFX UI theme closely matching the forum/store and so on
  • If there’s interest, I could try keeping the UI and project generation decoupled enough that 3rd parties such as the SDK or an IntelliJ plugin have the option of pulling functionality in some day.


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I know nothing of the licensing issues, but I think that a reboot of this project with a modern UI is a fantastic idea - especially making it able to be embedded in other tools.

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i dont see there license too. Idk how he forgot about it.

Anyway this project have 9 files, its not much, so you can just look how its done and do own version. It is allowed if you just dont copy paste and write own different way.

you mean New-bsd, apache license is different one as i know (also good but different)

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As I remember @oualid had done a similar thing with jMonkey Wizard but it is not based on Bootmonkey.

It will be nice to have them on Bootmonkey anyway.

Also will be nice to have a template to auto-generate sub-projects for both Desktop and Android (similar to what LibGdx does. One subproject for “game” one for “desktop” and one for “android”).

There is already an Android template made for Bootmonkey by @aegroto but I think it only generates android project and not includes a subproject for desktop build also.


Great idea. Then we would have someplace to push fixes to, if needed.

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Right, obviously I had my head on backwards when I typed that. Was being lazy typing it but didn’t mean to be that lazy. lol

Cool, yeah I didn’t know about those two. My “vision” is a bit more elaborate perhaps, but I’ll be sure to check those out for ideas.