Satus and NCSoft

Hello community:

    I just bought (after months of thinking about it due to time constraints) Guild Wars over the thanksgiving sales, and that brought to mind something. Given that the main developers of jME are working for NCSoft, I was wondering how is that coming along. I am aware you might not be able to answer with details, but I think the whole community would appreciate some comments on that, specially those concerning jME.

    I speak for myself, but I assume it includes many others, when I say that the fact that you have been hired opens possibilities for current members of jME to be later on hired. That is a very encouraging thought, and fuels the interest in jME a lot, I would say. Because of that, I want to know if jME will actually be used in some projects at NCSoft in the (near) future, and if the version you are working in is miles away from the Open Source version, or is it very close in functionality and power.

Thanks a lot, and keep up the great work.

Well looking at some screenshots from NCSoft I can't say they have some advanced algorithms that aren't possible to do with current jME, most of jME's short-comings can be avoided with some user code. Overall I think that jME is a quite powerful engine and even though it's 10 years behind on the current technologies it's still very usable. (no-body is making God of war in java… yet)

I have heard the behind comment more than once, but that is exactly what I would like to know… What exactly does it mean to be X years behind… which features is lacking and what can we expect from the big guys working for NCSoft…

The fact that this thread has so little answers might be some kind of signal  :expressionless:

more like we're not sure what we can talk about. :)  I'm still happy and excited about what we are doing, if that helps.

I can say that almost everything we've done in the jme/jmex packages has been contributed back (with the exception of some animation stuff, which might explain some of the questions there.)

Glad to hear… I hope you can figure out what else you can talk about, because I sure as hell would like to know more!

And yes, animations is something I would like further support and power, but… oh well! I can always program it myself, right?  :wink:

Just look at what everybody does in the game industry and then look at jME…

There's a ton of stuff we don't do yet, and probably a large chunk of it will be things left for third-party addons to jME.  But if someone were to start a list on the wiki… hint hint, it might help us nail down a few loose corners.

I will make such a list soon.

:smiley: Hurray!, thanks a lot for it… that might motivate people like me to create (useful) modules to jME.

Here it is:

Thanks for putting that together Momoko.  The good news is that some of these are already addressed in the current 2.0 beta code (more image formats for example).  I'll update the list.

Yeah I made that list shortly after the release of 1.0, I was going to post it but then I forgot…

List updated with status.

Sweet thanks a lot. Only one other little thing and I will shut (TF?) up  :wink: … Anything not in the list, I assume, would most likely be extensions, right? Like perhaps oc-tree or AI or some other stuff.

No, it's just a list of ideas by Momoko.  It's certainly not sacred or final.  :)  Feel free to add ideas.

It's a list of important features I think are missing from jME… I am going to add some more.

EDIT: Added.

Yep, and I hope I didn't come across as too deprecating there, just wanted to point out that people should feel free to add their own thoughts on what is missing.

I wouldn't mind transparent texture antialiasing, I think it will make many trees/grass/weeds look a lot better since they are generally just a mass of quads all with transparent textures.

Frankly, I don't think some of the things on the list really belong in an engine.  Things like pathfinding and Inverse Kinematics should be left to the programmer to design, as they are probbably going to be quite specific to the game and there are already hundreds if not thousands of examples.  I also don't really think DirectX should be supported in the near future, as it would take a lot of time, and I can't really think of any reasons why it would be better than OpenGL.

Thats pretty much all I have to add.

"Other features to consider" - that's just some stuff I saw in other engines that jME doesn't have; those are not important.

What about the good old Ripples in Water generator that engines like Ogre and Crystal Space have?  I think those are very cool.

(Oh, and BTW… I do agree that the extras should still be there, because are some things people might wonder about, even if they shouldn't, in principle, belong to the core engine)