Which IDE do you use for developing game with JMonkey?

  • JMonkeyEngine SDK
  • Netbeans
  • Eclipse
  • Intellij IDEA

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None of the above.

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@pspeed so wich IDE

I use a programmer’s editor and the command line… gradle is my build tool.


You… scare me some days.

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With IDEs, I feel like I’m typing at a delay. Intelli-J is pretty good but as a synth/piano player, that delay really annoys me. So I find a programmer’s editor with lots of editing features I like then alt-tab to the command line:
gradle run
…see my lovely output, etc…
alt-tab back to the editor and go.


Huh. So which programmer’s editor do you use? Just googling that term throws an interesting flurry of results on up there.

For legacy reasons, the one I gravitate back to is MED.

I don’t know if he still develops it anymore but I’ve been using some version of it since I was an OS/2 developer.

There are many many good ones, though. I think a co-worker uses SlickEdit but I’ve never tried it. I used to keep a half-dozen in mind in case I ever couldn’t get MED working anymore for some reason but now they all slip my mind. LOL.

Edit: and by the way, even though I often install them, I don’t use JEdit or any of the Java text editors as a “daily driver” for the same reason I shun IDEs.

Edit 2: oooh, yeah… Sublime is another one I’ve heard good things about. This article might be useful to someone:


Hmm From that list I’ve used Notepad++ and Atom. I kinda like Atom but you really do need to know a few hotkeys to use it effectively and sometimes they’re not that obvious. I may have to give your way a whirl someday.

sometimes intellij, sometimes a text editor… I started using Kate because it comes with kde and has so many features I like.

I’m not a Microsoft fanboy, however I suggest taking a look to Visual Studio Code. It is a surprisingly strong competitor to Sublime.


I don’t want to download 17GB IDE it’s super heavy

Actually, it was 40Mb a few months ago and fairly lightweight. Please note that Visual studio code is completely different from Visual studio.

I have never seen Visual studio code before i will try it

Important clause. Visual Studio is a piece of shit to put it straight. And this is not even an opinion, it is a fact.


The May 2017 poll had the SDK a close 3rd (with 27%) after Eclipse and Intellij. So the SDK seems to be gaining traction at the expense of Eclipse.

I’m a bit concerned that the number of voters declined from 96 to 49. Has the JME community shrunk so much?

Next year’s poll should probably include options for “other IDE” and “no IDE, thank you”.

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52 voters / 59 votes :thinking:


Multiple choices. For example, I voted for both SDK and IDEA.


Vote early; vote often? :wink:

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I didn’t Vote because I thought, didn’t we just do this?

Didn’t know this is a recurring thing.