Play video on JMonkeyEngine

I am doing game development using JMonkeyEngine and I have created an introduction video (.mp3). I want to play it at the start before the game starts but I am unable to play the video and can only listen the audio for a few seconds. Below is the code I am using to play the music.

    MediaPlayer mp;
    mp= new MediaPlayer(media);
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I’m pretty new to the forums myself, but from what I know, there’s no way to play video on jme3, but it seems like other developers have found a work-around by integrating packages from another framework called JOGL

also, you could create a “Media” folder in your Project Assets Directory in order to make the path both shorter and relative for ease of debugging i.e. Media media = new Media("Media/videoFile.mp4") also, I should probably mention that mods require that any sample code posted on the forums be placed inside a code block. here is a link for more information:

I look forward to hearing of your solution to this problem

good luck

Well yeah. wheres the part where you render the video to a texture?

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